Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tea with friends

Enter into another world and another era at the L'il Peace of Heaven Teahouse. Two of my closest friends and I enjoyed a lovely afternoon of tea and conversation beneath a crystal chandelier and the steady gaze of a cherub. Just past the arbor outside trees are clothed in the blissful splendor of autumn leaves.


Anonymous said...

OK where's this tea room? I don't remember seeing this one?


Bumpkin Bears said...

what a wonderful afternoon of tea. I too often feel that I should have lived in another era, I love your blog :) I love to capture these simple nostalgic moments with my bears. Thanks for popping by mine the other day, Hamish bear sends you an extra hug :)
Catherine x

lorhen82 said...

I need to be the fourth person at that table! I used to have a dress made out of the same fabric as those curtains. Pretty!