Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Blog-Blog Sisterhood

I am dedicating this post to my wonderful blogging friends. I have met so many amazing women (around the world) over the past few months through blogging. We share so many common interests and I cherish each and every one of them.
I invite you to pay a visit to their beautiful blogs.

I was inspired today to write a little ditty about my newly found friends (it's a bit hokey, so bear with me:).
A Blogging Ditty

Before the Stroke of Midnight my fingers skimmed the keys,
Where on earth should I blog now to find Serendipity?
Much to my surprise Everything Vintage popped up upon my screen,
With even more searching I found out how to Dream in Cream,
After that, what would be found?
Not lions, not tigers, but Bumpkin Bears and Draffin Bears all around,
Even more friends were discovered with lace to please the eyes,
Tatting Chic and Lace-Lovin Librarian with lovelies I did spy,
The next stop was a lovely place with lots of pretty stuff,
The Old Victorian Cottage was sure to be enough,
And then along The Pink Birdhouse came,
Yet another friend to add by name,
Along the path through Lavender, Lace, and Thyme,
I found Nestled in the Singing Woods nature’s splendor sublime,
On that note it seems to me off the computer I should log,
With friends and inspiration on all my newfound blogs.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could click on the name of the blog in the ditty and it linked straight to the blog? I think it would be wonderful too. Unfortunately, I cannot achieve this as I am technologically impaired so I invite you to visit them and all of my other favorite blogs which are listed below:) Thanks ladies for your inspiration and friendship. I treasure
each of you:) It’s a bloggy-blog world out there-come join the sisterhood!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Luxurious Velvet

Being a Victorian home velvet is a must in our house. Velvet is a favorite respite for our dogs and cat no matter where it is found.
Kramer's favorite chair in the living room-a soft mauve color.

Of course, Kramer also likes the red velvet chair in the bathroom.

Calvin likes the mauve velvet chair in the living room when the couch is occupied by everyone else.
Sometimes just touching the velvet chair is enough.

For Kasey sandwiching her face between the velvet pillow and sofa arm is sufficient.
Calvin also loves the velvet throw for a nap.

The other velvet throw with the velvet pillow is even better.

When all else fails a velvet placemat will do.

And then there are times when they have to share the velvet.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Inspiration comes from so many sources...books, magazines, vignettes in antique stores, and blogspots. 221 Antiques & Coffee is located dowtown with a wonderful array of lovely things to inspire. All of the treasures pictured below are available (the pink tea cup and brown and white tea cups from my tea cup post are also there). Call Lisa at 843-522-3049.
An old well worn Bible, antique photo and lace, with vintage gloves and a princess rotary dial phone dress up an antique painted dresser at 221 Antiques & Coffee.

A rhinestone bedecked compact sparkles against the lace.

An old antique cup and lace doilie also look good with the vintage compact.

The Bible and photo sit behind a vintage bakelight hair receiver with gold painted berries.

The phone is an old rotary dial model. Do you remember the days when phones had cords and rotary dialing? I do:)

Maisy Daisy, the shop mascot (she's not available to take home:). She looks so glamorous in this vintage rhinestone necklace:) I guess you could say that the shop has gone to the dogs!

What a pleasant surprise...

to arrive home today and find two packages awaiting me. The first is an amazingly beautiful bookmark from Jodie Lejeune at She has a wonderful blogspot that I am sure you will enjoy visiting. The second surprise was a pair of lovely earrings that I won in a giveaway from Dawn at This is another wonderful blogspot well worth the visit. Thank you both for being so gracious. It was so much fun coming home to such lovely treasures:)
This was the handmade bookmark from Jodie Lejeune in its delicate paper doilie envelope. What a creative and beautiful way to package it!
Here is the bookmark which is just wonderful! Jodie, you have a gift! Thanks for sharing it!

All of these lovely cards came in the package with these amazing earrings. Unfortunately I couldn't get a better picture of the earrings without it being blurred. The earrings are pale blue flowers with faceted glass beads and filligree stems.
I feel so special:) Thanks ladies!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Come take a stroll with me...

It was a glorious day so I thought I would invite you to take a stroll through our lovely town. We'll start at the antique shop where camillias grace a cut glass bowl amongst crystal treasures.

The camillias are in full bloom all over town and make beautiful arrangments.

The camillia bush outside the shop displaying her graceful blooms.

Live oak trees and palmettos stand tall against the blue sky.

The water is calm as we stroll down the tabby walkway.

Let's sit a spell and swing while we enjoy the water views.

A colorful flower box in front of a local shop.

The water sparkles beneath a sunny sky.

Trees shadow the sidewalk.

How about taking in a view of the water from Cannon Park?

Ancient Tabby seawall shadowed by a live oak tree.

The sun peeking through the dangling oak branches.

Sea grasses billow in the tide while the water sparkles like diamonds.

An old iron gate welcomes passersby.

I can't resist snapping some photos from this c. 1909 home that is uninhabited.

View of Cannon Park from the porch of the old mansion.

Over grown vines attest to the homes' empty state.

I suppose we should be heading back now. Thanks for joining me on my little stroll:)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tea Cups

Being the tea drinking fanatic that I am I just love tea cups. Not only do they cradle that delicious steaming hot brew we call tea they add a touch of delicate beauty to the experience.

Ornately decorated tea cup and saucer.

Demitasse cups and saucers.

Stacks of cups and saucers.

I love the tea cups with a surprise at the bottom of the cup. What a delightful way to finish a cup of tea.

Some of my favorites are those little handpainted beauties sporting my favorite flower, the rose.

This cup not only has handpainted roses on the outside but the artist also painted the inside a soft pink.

Laden with roses and trimmed in gleaming gold,
A wonderful sight when tea it beholds,
Atop of a saucer with flowers divine,
Holding a tea spoon and a slice of lemon rind,
Bring me a tea cup filled with the brew,
That beckons serenity and warms the heart too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Charm of Cherubs

What is it about these chubby, frolicking, little cherubs that endears the heart so? No Victorian home is complete without at least one of these charming little cherubs, no matter what form they may take:)

A thoughtful cherub contemplating which book to choose in the library.

One of a pair of vintage cherub candleholders found at an antique mall in Lawrenceville, Georgia.
Second of the pair.

A terra cotta cherub offers to guard my rings while dishes are washed in the sink.

A vintage tissue box cover is bedecked with a sweet cherub's face.

This cherub holds a bowl of potpourri scenting the bathroom with the sweet smell of roses.

This darling cherub watches me as I cook each day:)

Porcelain cherubs...

brass cherubs...

and sleeping cherubs.

Are you charmed by cherubs?

Be sure to visit Theresa at Time-Worn Interiors and enter her 100th blog giveaway:)