Friday, July 31, 2009

Glamor Shots-Kramer Style!

Remember those 'Glamor Shots' that people had done years ago? Well Kramer decided he needed to have some 'glamor shots' taken too.
He worked for some time getting his fur just right...
Finally it was time to start taking pictures...

Kramer you need to hold your head a little higher...

maybe a bit higher...

much better!

Then we went for the full body shot:).

And then a head pose (unfortunately he felt this picture made him look fat so we decided to move the photo shoot to the living room window instead).

Everyone knows that a sunny window makes a cat look thinner:).

A big smile:).

Looking into the camera, Kramer gives a slight smile revealing his softer side...

This is his content look...

serious look...

attentive look...(oops that's not his attentive look-he saw a squirrel)!

Sweet look...

and determination.
Thus we have completed Kramer's Glamor Shots photo session!
Thanks for joining us! Kramer will be signing autograph's later:).

Kramer Chronicles-Somewhere Over the Rainbow there is a Frog!

Come with me for a glimpse into Kramer's morning.
Kramer watching me as I post on the blog:).

Kramer is a water-obsessed cat. He loves to play and watch water. Here he is playing in the tub...

when all of a sudden a bird outside the window catches his eye.

He runs to get a closer look!

Oooo...birds dining at the birdfeeder outside the window!

Kramer watches as the bird flies away.
(In case you haven't noticed the bathroom design was done with Kramer in mind. The window sills were made larger so he could sit comfortably and look outside. The bird feeder and bird bath were placed within view so he could bird watch and a comfy stool sits beside the tub for resting or watching:).
By now you're probably wondering why rainbows and frogs were mentioned in the post title...
We had some heavy thunder storms that resulted in a beautiful rainbow over Terra Cottage later in the evening.

Once the storm subsides Kramer gets up from his evening nap and stretches...

while a frog on the outside of the French door looks inside.

The frog stretches too:).

Kramer spies the frog (and wonders what mom is doing outside with the camera).

Kramer gets a closer look...

but loses interest quickly.
So much for the evening of frog watching!
I would like to thank David Mcmahon for nominating 'Good Morning from Terra Cottage' for his 'Post of the Day'! I am truly honored:).
Please visit David's blog as well as the other wonderful blogs mentioned at his blogspot!
Happy blogging! (Of course my froggy friend above would like to wish everyone 'happy frogging' too:).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good Morning from Terra Cottage

Good morning. It's a lovely, sunny morning here at Terra Cottage. I thought you might like to join me for tea.

Early morning sun shines through the bathroom window...

sending colorful shadows across the floor.

Gardens outside the library window soak in the morning's rays.

A chair offers an early morning seat in the back garden.

Sunlight splashes across the grass.

I've brewed a pot of mango tea this morning. Won't you join me for a cup?

Perhaps we should sit on the front porch and enjoy the morning sunlight.

Let's take a walk through the garden and see what's happening.
Roses are blooming (hmmm...looks like we are not the only ones enjoying this bloom:).

The garden path is dappled with shimmers of light.

A bee busy at work.

Light filters through the trees.

A settee just beyond a field of elephant ears welcomes one to sit back and enjoy the morning's glory.

Plants bask in the soft morning sun.

Even this dragon fly seems to be taking in the sun's warmth.

These elephant ears become almost translucent in the sunlight.

A female cardinal watches from the fence post.

The sun is rising higher and it's getting a bit warmer now. We had better head back to the porch for more tea:).

Thanks for joining me this morning!
"In the morning, O Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation."
Psalm 5:3, NIV