Monday, August 31, 2009

Barbershop BBQ!

Saturday evening hubby and I went to a BBQ for his Barbershop chorus.
The setting was beautiful as we all gathered at the marina gazebo.
The views were spectacular!
Let's have a seat and watch the boats sail by.
Even the brick walk was lovely made with crushed oyster shells otherwise known as 'tabby':).
Sea grasses sway in the evening breezes (and yes that's BBQ chicken that you smell on the grill:).
Now that we've eaten it's time for some music! You know the good 'ole tunes like 'Little Eyes' and of course 'Down by the Riverside'.
Hubby singin' (it almost looks like a fake backdrop behind him but it's real:).
An egret hunts for an evening snack amongst the marsh grasses.
As the moon rises...
and the sun begins it's gradual descent...
we pack our things, say adieu, and head for home.
As we prepared to leave I noticed this cute little dog. Hmmm...he looks familiar. Yup, it's the same pup from my beach post last month (A Day at the Beach)!
What can I say, it's a small town:).
Hope your weekend was filled with joy and wonder!
What's your favorite 'old time' song?
Mine is most definately 'Let Me Call You Sweetheart'.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Wisdom

"When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise."
Proverbs 10:19, NIV

Monday, August 24, 2009

Trip to Walterboro-Part II

After lunch we decided to visit a few more antiques stores. Along the way we noticed the lovely tilework at the entry of this empty old building.
I have been researching DSLR cameras lately hoping to get a new one soon. Hubby found these cameras in one of the antique stores and suggested I try one of these, after all, the price was right:).
Once we finished antiquing we stopped to photograph some of the glorious churches.
More of Walterboro's beautiful homes.
This lovely cottage is for sale. With a little bit of work she could be the gem she once was long ago.
This porch seemed so welcoming. Can you imagine sitting here with a glass of lemonade while enjoying the hazy days of summer?
This old general store now sits abandoned.
An old rusted bread sign hangs above the porch.
Doors that once welcomed shoppers are now a mere reminder that the days of business are no longer.
This old Texaco station is a few miles from the old store. It too represents bygone days. Kinda reminds me of the little town in the movie 'Fried Green Tomatoes.'
Enough of the photograghy, we're on the road again! Or should I say enough of STOPPING for photography-I can still roll down the window and snap a few pictures!
Hope you all enjoyed Walterboro. Thanks for coming along!

Trip to Walterboro-Part I

Saturday hubby and I took a little day trip to Walterboro.
Main street is filled with antiques shops (14 of them) and restaurants.
The neighborhoods surrounding downtown boast many old homes and cottages.
This one was my favorite:).
Although worn, this old house has charm.
The old high school building now houses the University.
This antique store, just off the main drag, resides in an 1880's Victorian house.
Guess which antiques store was my favorite?
I had as much fun photographing this house as I did shopping in it.
You know you're a blogger when...
you'd rather take pictures of the store than shop in it:).
Hmmm...I'll just relax on the porch-do you think they would bring me some tea?
Love the fretwork!
Of course, the interior of this shop is just as pretty:).
Fluted moldings and rosettes surround every doorway.
Lovely mantels.
The original tiles and fireplace insert in the front parlor.
Stained glass transoms surround the front door.
On the side porch vintage metal chairs invite visitors to sit a spell.
Hubby accepted the invitation.
The artisans center next door had beautiful radiators.
And lovely flowers too.
After shopping we were hungry so we headed to this little Italian restaurant for lunch.
The food was amazing!
Homemade bread with dipping sauce and salad.
Linguini with clams is one of my favorites!
Even this little lizard seemed to like the restaurant. He waited patiently outside for his table to be prepared:).
Believe it or not there is more to see! Come back tomorrow and we will finish our Walterboro trip!