Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Beary Merry Christmas!

All I wanted for Christmas was a lovely little bear named 'Hamish' by Catherine at BumpkinBears. The very first time that I saw him I was hooked! His sweet little smile and red fur were adorable. I asked for Hamish for Christmas hoping that he would be there Christmas morning. Much to my joy and surprise Hamish was in the last box that I opened this morning:) He is even more beautiful in person! So he posed for a picture with all of his new beary friends (they are the centerpiece on our dining room table). I have been collecting bears for years now but I must say that Hamish is one of the most beautiful. Catherine has a gift and a talent which is very obvious once you see the love that goes into her work. Thank you to my wonderful husband for the lovely gift! Thank you Catherine for your kindness and your artestry (and your ability to keep this secret without my discovering it)!

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Bumpkin Bears said...

awwww hello wee Hamish, how lovely to see you in your special new home. I am so happy he was a surprise for you Kim :) Thank you for your very kind words. Beary Hugs, Catherine xx