Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Kramer Chronicles continued...

Kramer's favorite toy is a toy mouse on a string attached to a plastic pole. We hang it from the dining room chair and he will chase it back and forth or lay beside it and bat it around. Each night we take it off the chair and leave it on the floor. After we go to bed Kramer begins to meow. His meows get louder and louder until they are loud and muffled because he is walking around with the toy mouse in his mouth while dragging the string and pole behind him. He meows the entire time with the mouse in his mouth as he drags the toy through the house. Each morning we never know where we will find the toy. Most times it is in the middle of the hallway or stuck on a door frame corner. However, at times we find it in the most bizarre places. One morning we found it stretched across the ottoman (see photo). On another morning we found it woven in between the end table legs (see other photo). Needless to say it is always entertaining. Stay tuned to see where the toy ends up next!

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