Friday, January 22, 2010

Computer Wars!

As you know we recently purchased a new computer as my old one was 4 years old and it's software was outdated and it ran rather slow, well you get the picture (which is a good thing because I couldn't even begin to explain the technicalities of why it was outdated and ran slow)!
The new computer was supposed to make my blogging and photography more efficient and fun, but no, it's slower than the old computer and still won't let me visit my blogging buddies!
Anyway, this is the new computer which I affectionaely refer to as
Yup, this is the computer...
and this is me after five minutes with the computer!
Then just like the real Grinch I got some grinchy thoughts and planned the demise of the monster machine!
I have recently taken up cooking...
then again I'm pretty good with a hammer
(look it even has a target in the middle telling you where to hit:)!
Of course, there is always the infamous run-it-over-with-the car scenario!
Alas, I realized that none of these options was feasible as hubby might not appreciate my computer solutions.
And so I thought and I thought...
poor Lizzy threw up her paws in desperation as she didn't know what to do either.
Kramer had a good idea-he thought maybe I should try a different mouse!
We tried te blue mouse but that didn't work.
He brought a red mouse but that didn't work either.
Needless to say the Computer Grinch is still my arch nemesis and still will not allow me to visit my friends in blogland. I have been visiting blogland at work during my lunch half-hour or after work hours.
So there you have it-Me vs the Computer Grinch.
Guess who is winning?
I'll leave you with this little song:
"You're a mean one, Computer Grinch
You really are a pain!
You don't load anything quickly
And you block my blogging friends,
Computer Griiiiinch!
You're a mean, heartless, slow as molasses, computer nightmare!


paperbutterfly said...

I think you are going to win this battle!!
I enjoyed your description of your challenges with the computer. I sooo can relate. Your photograpy is so artistic. You must be a fast learner.
The prayer was so touching. I prayed it again today.
You are welcome to stop by for tea some day. Pam

Eastlake Victorian said...

Oh, that's so sad! Any new computer should work better than that. Maybe you got a lemon. I wonder if anyone else has had similar problems with that model. You could probably find some forums, but if the darn thing isn't letting you visit blogland, it probably won't visit any forums either. A least your pets tried to help! ;-(

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

There must be a solution... do you not have that 'Computer Geek' company down there. They'll come right to the home and fix you up in a flash.
Best of luck and in the meantime have a lovely weekend.
Susan x

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

You could "accidently" put it in the might even work better after that !!!

Have you called the company where you bought it...they should have some solution for a DIFFERENT computer.



Michael823 said...

Ok enough already!!! Get someone to come out and fix it from where you bought the thing!! Miss Maddie is correct, they will take care of it quickly! I'll even contribute to cost!!

Love You,


Paula said...

Dear Kim,

Bless your heart! I know it is not funny, but I could not help but get tickled! All of your photos were wonderful! Lizzy and Kramer are darling! I do hope you can get your new (Grinch) computer fixed, or a replacement. I am so sorry, and do understand how frustrating it is! I know it will all work out!

Your frozen fountain was so pretty, and your words lovely. Thank you for all you share! You are a dear friend, and I am always so happy when I see that you visited me!

Have a blessed weekend!
Love, Paula

Deanna said...

Oh those computers...
it's almost you can't live with can't live without them!
They are GREAT when working!!!

have a nice week-end,

June said...

Oh Kim I just love you!!! You are so funny girl. Please, please give it another chance! Maybe it's computer heart can still grow yet.
You cracked me up with the pictures!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

Computers are great when they work well but so annoying when they play up.
I really hope that you get it going how it should, have you taken it back to the shop where it was bought?
Good luck.
Love the photos, especially with the pets.


Jodie LeJeune said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles but I can't help but laugh at your post...the MAD creativity is too cute!
That looks like an awesome laptop and I am a fan of Dell...I can't imagine what the problem is. It has to be something very simple...have you called customer service???
Hope you get things back to normal at home so that you don't have to stay overtime at work to check on us~
everything vintage

Sending Valentine kisses to my little man Kramer!!!! Muah!!!!

The Victorian Parlor said...

Thank you to everybody who has been so supportive of my computer woes! Hopefully we can get one of those Geek guys to come out and help this week:).



The Pink Birdhouse said...

Oh my gosh, if it wasn't so sad about the compute troubles with the new green one, I would be over here laughing at your hilarious post. Well, I actaully am laughting, cuz Kim, that is just the funniest thing! I do so love your sense of humor!! What a shame though, to get a new computer and think that things would be better, only to have it all turn out slower. I agree with Pam, you might want to have it checked as being a lemon, cuz it really should not be that slow, and it should not be disconnecting you from visiting other blogs! There must be an explanation why.

love the pictures of the fountain out in the yard that was partly frozen, from the previous post! Wow, that is really cool looking. And you got some great shots of it. I know how hard it is to capture moving water on film.

other then your new computer-Grinch in your life, I hope everything else is treating your good! Have a grand sunday. hugs from here, Debby

tales from an oc cottage said...


m ^..^

lorhen82 said...

You poor thing! I'm so sorry for your computer woes, but like everyone else...I thought this was one of the funniest posts! You have such a clever mind, and we all love your sense of humor!

I hope your problems get solved soon!!! ~Lori

Bonnie said...

Arrrgghhh! I hate technology! And yet I have a blog. Hope things are getting better, I wish I were more of a tech nerd.

I loved your photos and you titled it so appropriately, Winter Bling.

Enjoy your day, Bonnie