Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kramer Chronicles-Paper Play

This past weekend hubby and I did a little thrifting.
We found this beautiful antique Victorian table at a local consignment store.
Despite the damage we couldn't resist the bargain price tag of...
Another fabulous find:
Theodore Haviland teacup and saucer: $10
Hand painted antique lidded dish: $11.
Watching Kramer play with the paper that was used for the glassware:
Anyone who has cats knows that there are mysterious hidden monsters...
found in paper...
that only cats can see:)!
It is the kitties' responsibility to not only locate said monsters...
but to destroy them as well!
Sometimes other things get destroyed in the process:).
Paper attack...
the paper pounce...
Paper play can go on for hours.
Any object nearby can become part of the game.
Hmmm...it seems the paper monster is hiding beneath the silver tray!
Basking in the glory of paper!
But only for a moment and then the paper monster returns!
Paper break!
But not for long:).
The game continues.
Uh oh, there's another monster lurking!
No monster under here!
Another break (chasing paper monsters is exhausting work:).
Ooo...saw another one!
I'm king of the paper monsters!
Oops, the paper monster escaped!
Be very, very quiet, I'm hunting paper monsters.
I don't know about you but I'm worn out.
Chasing paper monsters is hard work!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

Lovely post today and I have enjoyed my visit with you.
The table and the beautiful cup are lovely and what a bargain.
Also it was so neat to see Kramer playing amongst the paper.
Cats do love that game.


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Just awesome Kim and I'm having envy over the price tag...I want to go shopping with you...where are you going to put that table?? love the new china pieces you got WOW!!
and girl Krammer is too funny...I had a cat one time that loved brown paper bages would play in them for hours...Hope you have a GREAT day my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said...

Awww, Kramer is so adorable! My cats love paper too. I love that table you found; what a great price!

Debby said...

Beautiful goodies and Kramer, oh my gosh how much fun is he.

Deanna said...

Luv the table!
Really sweet and unique.
Hope you'll share what you will do with it.
Kramer is a cutie. I can see the adventure on his face.

SharDon Exclusives said...

I guess Kramer stoled the show! what a sweet cat! I love cats but my hubby says no as we have three dogs. Rats! I want a kitty so much and Kramer makes me want one all the more...someday,

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

OMG!!! That is a "to die for" table!!! And I am loving the china too!! I am always amazed at the things that a cat can be amused by! Cute!!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

I just have to add that I missed the price on the table the first time around. $35 bucks!! Holy moly! I would have grabbed that table so fast and beat it out of there before they changed their minds!!! LOL!! Good for you!!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Love;ly find... and smiles with Kramer and his paper fun as it rains here this morning...

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

I am now following your blog, I think I am going to love it here. Not to mention I have two paper monsters finders myself.

Callie Magee Antiques said...

Seeing this post on Kramer made me miss my cat, Crybaby even more. He was a white Manx with blue eyes and beautiful. He died about 7 years ago. Can't replace him as he was one of a kind.

Eastlake Victorian said...


I just love Kramer! He is always so curious about everything! You have some great shots of him here... I mean cat-calendar-great. You should submit them somewhere, seriously! What a sweetie-pie! :)


Eastlake Victorian said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, I love that table! It is such a different form. Are the bottom ledges for displaying items, I wonder?


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Morning Kim!

Can you tell I'm mad at you? I mean, I really am MAD...so mad that I cannot leave any more comments here...(except on the posts with my little Kramer of course).

Oh...you want to WHY? um hum. I bet you do!

Weeeellll! I've been waiting for you to ask.


I'm so jealous.
I'm so jealous of ALL the beautiful old books...I just can't stand to look at them.
wait. I lie. ALL I want to do is just stay here and look at them!

See what you've done?

Just kidding...I could NEVER be mad at you. Jealous? Heck YES, but I'm so happy for you to have these wonderful books from your father. They will go beautifully in Terra Cottage with all of the other lovlies!!!! :)

ps...everytime you open one up to read, just remember how jealous your little friend in Louisiana is...and feel guilty!

tee hee!!!!!