Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Terra Cottage-The Garden Room

Welcome to the spare bedroom at Terra Cottage, otherwise known as 'The Garden Room.'
Visitors to Terra Cottage enjoy their stay in this room.
A vintage iron and brass bed bedecked with a floral patterned quilt and loads of pillows invites guests to curl up for a good night's sleep.
An antique door surround crowns the headboard.
Layers of pillows are always a good idea:).
As you can see this room overlooks the gardens out back thus the name of the room.
No Victorian room is complete without stained glass.
My dear friend, Jada, made the stained glass for me:).
This vintage lamp sits atop the night table.
The antique night-table has lovely wood inlays and metal dog head embellishments.
A flower arrangement and books about roses sit on the shelf.
Hydrangeas grace a vintage vase and bowl, part of a dresser set.
More of the dresser set provides much needed storage for small items.
Family photos and lace.
Detail of the top of the dresser mirror.
Original hardware on the dresser.
Once upon a time you could lock valuables in the dresser drawers.
Every room should have a chandelier and every chandelier should have a medallion.
The wardrobe is small-just right for a small room.
As I was in the room photographing things (the door was closed) I was startled by a strange noise and this little paw under the door.
Hmmm...I wonder who this could be?
I opened the door and much to my surprise it was Kramer!
(Ok, if you get this then you are old enough to remember where it comes from. If you're not old enough to remember it's from the original SNL cast with the candy-gram skit:).
Kramer jumped up on the bed and shook his paw at me for leaving him out in the hallway.
Then he decided to roll around on the comfy bed:).
Well that's the spare bedroom.
Thanks for taking the time to visit (and for looking at all these pictures-sorry there are so many)!


The Sweetbrier Cottage said...

Beautiful photos! I especially like the antique night table:) Love the Kramer photos too! Cats must have some sort of quilt-magnet imbedded in them. All you have to do is lay down a quilt and they are immediately drawn to it.

Cynthia K. said...

What fabulous rooms!! They are very special and so beautiful! I love that chandelier and I agree that a ceiling medallion really sets them off.

Your sweet Kramer!! It's so true cats cannot stand closed doors - they have to check it out. And he was looking for his mommy...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Celestial Charms said...

Such a lovely room. Kramer is such a cutie. I love when my cats stick their little paws under the door. It is so comical. That chandelier is magnificent.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Just beautiful! What a lovely room!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

Your guest room is beautiful and all looks so comfortable and lovely.
Kramer looks relaxed on the bed.

Hope that you are having a lovely week

Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said...

What a fabulous room! I love all the wonderful antique-y stuff!! It's like a room in heaven!

Deanna said...

KIm, Thank you for sharing your lovely room with us. This was a delightful post. Enjoyed my visit today!!! So very nice. You have some nice angles in which you've captured your special room.

I really like your chandelier.
Have a sweet week.

June said...

Oh be still my heart!!! Kim is this where I'll stay when I come to tend your garden? I can't wait. Move over Kramer!

Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said...

I also have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award! If would like to "collect" your reward, you can visit my blog!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Oh my, don't apologize for showing us so many pictures, I was disappointeed that there were not more!! How beautiful the room is, every nook and cranny, every corner, every detail! I love the old lamp. And the dog head detail on the bed. Wow, when can I come visit so that i can sleep a few nights in such a lovely room!!! thanks so much for sharing, and tell Kramer I loved the shot of his foot under the door! And how lucky he is to get a cuddle-up on that pretty bed cover! :-) hugs from here, debby

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous room!! It makes my heart go pitter-pat....I would love to spend the night there provided Kramer was with me!! LOL!! I just love him!!
Fabulous post!!

Debby said...

Such gorgeous rooms, the pics are fab. I love Kramer.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Oh Kim...I'm coming!

All the details are gorgeous and I can't believe all this beauty is in ONE room! I was already smitten by the rest of your home...but I didn't know there was more! {sigh}

Kramer said that HE has changed the name of the room from the "Garden Room" to "Auntie's Room" and no...he's not shaking his paw at you, he's waving it at me and telling me "Come on Auntie Jodie, come snuggle with me on this beautiful quilt, I know you're gonna love it!!!!"

so there's me and Kramer's story and we're sticking to it...

sepiadreams said...

I was wondering when Kramer would show up. Who wouldn't want to be in that gorgeous room...Lovely Job!!!! Love Tiina....

Sweet Old Vintage said...

What a lovely room... Looks like a beautiful bed and breakfast... Oh my gosh you made me laugh out loud with Kramer... I love that cat...

Paula said...

Dear Kim,

I loved every single photo! Do not apologize for too many photos, as there could never be too many! :) Your Terra Cottage should be featured in Victorian Homes magazine. Others need to see that they don't have to live in a Victorian era home to make it look Victorian as you have done! You really have a gift for decorating in the Victorian style. I love the Garden Room! You have made it so cozy and inviting. All of the furniture, bedding, accessories, pillows, etc. are gorgeous! I love how you placed the antique door surround above the bed and then put in lace! Just beautiful! I love everything Kim, and the chandelier is amazing! Kramer is as sweet as ever!

Much love,

Bumpkin Bears said...

Wonderful photos, what a truly homely place, of course it would not be the same without Kramer! x

belle-blanc said...

Hi Kim, thank you so much for showing your beautiful Cup. It is hard to concentrate on your cup while Kramer is looking so gorgeous.. Love Cats, hugs Mira!

Fete et Fleur said...

It's a beautiful room! I've had a hard time sleeping the last few nights, but I think I wouldn't have a problem finding rest in your comfy boudoir!

I adore Kramer!


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Kim! Your guest bedroom is gorgeous! I love all of the Victorian details...beautiful! And of course, I loved seeing Kramer! Baby Kitty loves to pose, too! Isn't it funny? Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Kim...so many delightful, delicious things in that room...please show us the WHOLE top of the mirror to the dresser....OH so beautiful.
Your cat has such a personality....don't we love our fur babies.
So much to try to remember about that room...my brain gives out.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

OH AND PLEASE...how could I EVEN start to forget the Victorian door surround...I would almost trade you my Eaatlake piece I just got ...for that...so very, very lovable.
I am not sure I have ever seen one of those.


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

OMG Kim, now that I stopped drooling...WOW!! You are indeed my victorian soul mate girl...oh I love the way you did the lace curtains on the back of the bed and with the olden door frame...your night stand, your bedding with all the lovely pillows, the stain glass which I also have a real fondness for ha ha!! Loved the dresser items and family photos all the lace , oh girl I'm just in heaven right now I kid you not...I loved seeing all your beautiful eye candy...its it fun to decorate with...I really could not live without antiques in my home...it just makes me happy to be...Thanks so much for sharing more of your beautiful space with us...I'm blowed away once again...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Paula said...

Hello, Kim!

Okay, my bags are packed! You did say this is a guest room....right?! ;-) With a room like that, your guests may never leave! It's gorgeous! I love the colors, the tone of the antique wood pieces, all those comfy pillows...it's all just delightful. And speaking of delightful, Kramer is looking quite handsome!!! Please tell him I said so!

Hope you are doing well!!


crochet lady said...

What a graceful guest room. I bet you have people just begging to stay a night!

Eastlake Victorian said...

What lucky guests to be able to stay in this room! I LOVE all your Victorian details everywhere. That chandelier IS TO DIE FOR! The detail on the mirror and dresser, wardrobe, the way you use old architectural details on your walls, your arrangement on the dresser top... Kim, you are a true Victorian! I could go on and on... eye candy abounds!

And, of course, sweet Kramer has to get involved. What a little ham! :)


Jonny J Petros said...

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