Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm back...

kinda. We still do not have Internet access in the new house so for updates on the VP visit the Sweetbrier Cottage blog. We are still unpacking and moving and I will visit everyone as soon as possible. Miss you all! Love Kim, Kramer, Hubby and the pups. (Kramer sends his love to Auntie Jodie:)


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh I am excited for you and anxious to see everything.... And especially Kramer....

The Blackwood Cottage said...

The entry door is fab.! Can't wait to see everything, I'm so excited for you!!

Deanna said...

Dear One,
I understand how much time and attention must go into a move even if it's just across the street.

God bless you and I just said a little prayer for your's a workout to pack...amen.

Anxiously awaiting what you do with this new location.

Romeo said...

Kramer!!!!!! How I've missed you! I will be so happy when you are back and showing off your new house!!!

Purrs and head bonkers!


Paula said...

We miss you all! ;-) Come back soon!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

Love your beautiful front door and it looks so welcoming.
I am so happy for you and wish you well with settling into your new home.


Eastlake Victorian said...

We are anxiously awaiting your return to Blogland! Can't wait to see more of Faith Cottage!


The Blackwood Cottage said...

How's Kramer enjoying the new crib?