Saturday, April 11, 2009

Favorite Places

I suppose since I shared Kramer's favorite places I should also share the favorite spots for the dogs:)
Calvin on the sofa,
Calvin on the sofa cushion,
Kasey on daddy's lap,
sofa again (notice Kasey camoflouged on the sofa cushion behind them),
Lizzy and Kasey vying for daddy's lap,
Calvin on the velvet chair,
Kasey under the kitchen table waiting for crumbs to fall,
Lizzy under the kitchen table waiting for crumbs to fall,
sofa again,
sofa again (are you starting to notice a pattern?),
Kasey on the window seat (it's a stool for her to lay on so she can look out the window),
Lizzy on the chair cushion,
Lizzy, Kasey, and Calvin on daddy's lap,
Lizzy on the window seat,
Lizzy at the kitchen table,
Kasey between cushions (sometimes she just needs quiet),
Lizzy on daddy's chest,
Lizzy on the bed in the spare bedroom,
Calvin on the sofa cushion,
Lizzy on the chair cushion,
Calvin on the sofa cushion,

and Kasey on the sofa cushion.

Well it seems like the favorite spot for the dogs is the sofa cushions. I guess you could say that our house has gone to the 'couch potato' dogs:)


SweetAnnee said...

they are so cute
and sure do sleep around


sepiadreams said...

Sweet, sweet babies....They look happy and contented...Love Tiina...

crochet lady said...

We are talkin' seriously cute here! Love the upside down pose on the couch.

NeereAnDear said...

Oh how darling!!

They are like little children eh? My sweetie is ALL over the furniture too...


lorhen82 said...

SOOO cute! I always love it when animals lay on their backs with their feet sticking up in the air!

The Pink Bird House said...

Hi Kim! I am still here, not having fallen off the face of the earth as many have thought since I was not posting for several days.:-) I have missed you and my visits to your blog. Seems like I missed out on some divine precious pictures! You dogs really have the life. Each photo is just golden, but I think the award should go to Lizzy lying belly up on the sofa, I just love that one! And the Kramer pictures of all his favorite places to lay, well the cutest there is the one with all 4 legs stretched out front of him. How precious is that one! You captured some treasured moments on film of each and every one of your beloved pets. I am such an animal lover, I could look at photos such as these all day long. Our Cody has his favorite places to sleep too, mostly on his own little sofa. When we got our new livingroom set, we kept the old sofa just for him, and he sleeps there all the time. Or he has a large soft bed in the hallway that he uses at night but never during the day. Most likely just too much activity there with us in and out. Watching all the feet move past his face at that level must make him dizzy! :-) He loves to lie in the corner of the livingroom too where we have a stack of blankets, and soon we will find him cuddled up in the middle of them. But best of all, he loves sleeping in my daughter's room, under the bed which sits up quite high and he can move around under there. Even when she is not home, he will sleep there and wait for her, his "mommy". I will have to get some new pictures of Cody and his sleeping habits. I really like your idea for these past 2 posts. Take care, Debby

Jodie LeJeune said...

Too cute! I find that a happy home is filled with happy hearts. Indeed...those ARE happy hearts! :)
everything vintage

Draffin Bears said...

Very cute dogs and they sure look spoilt and happy sitting on the velvet chairs and sofa.


Stephenie said...

Your dogs are just to cute...What fun pictures...I love the picture of the dogs fighting over dad's lap...My dog do that to me too...Have a wonderful weekend..

The Pink Bird House said...

Kim, I just dropped in to see what was new, and was again enjoying all the furred-friends pictures. And I noticed the lovely bedspreads UNDER Kramer, especially in the first picture of him. I am in love with it!! You have the loveliest things in your home. Have a good weekend, Debby (I hope that you are having fun shopping in NY and spending time with your daugher!!) Thinking of you. Debby

bwhimsy said...

Cute babies!! Just want to say hi and Thank you for visiting Vintage Village and the Shack Out Back. Next time you are in Snellville again come say hello. Hope you are enjoying your heart pin.