Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shopping, Goodies, and Cats?

The next day we did some more antiquing at the Vintage Village in Snellville (this is a two story antique mall filled with great finds). Behind the Vintage Village is 'The Shack Out Back' a wonderful little antique shop with lots of treasures.

The pinks and greens in this corner were lovely.
And this velvet's as comfy as it is elegant (unfortunately it would not fit in my car for the long trip home so I had to pass it up-bummer:)
Once we returned home we needed nourishment (antiquing really takes it out of you:).
So we baked chocolate chip, walnut cookies and fixed a pot of tea. Yummmm, cookies are so good fresh from the oven!
Meet my mother's cat, Sweeti. Don't let the name fool you-she is sweet when she chooses to be (as you can see she has plenty of catitude-lol). Our dog Lizzy travels with me so the two had to co-exist for the week which got a bit interesting at times.
Here they are on the screened porch when a bird landed just outside the door attracking their attention. They both hurried over to the door and then...

they noticed that they were close to each other and separated quickly but not without a backward glance of challenge and bravery (and without incident-thank goodness:)
This is my mother's feral cat, Cassie (she is sitting on my mom). She can't be with Sweeti or Lizzy so life is something of a juggling act when we come to visit. Sweeti gets put in one part of the house while Lizzy is in another part of the house when Cassie is in the main part of the house. After some time the switch is made again-it gets rather complicated at times (I think I may need some more cookie nourishment after all that juggling:).
Thanks for tagging along again today. Come back tomorrow for more of my spring break adventures:)


Coleen said...

sounds like you had a wonder-filled time.......makes me wanna go shopping!!! and eat some cookies, too!!!

Heart Hugs,

crochet lady said...

So what did you buy?

It's nice you and your mom can spend time together. Too bad the cats and your pup don't get along. It must be a trial keeping everybody seperate.

June said...

I just love Sweeti and Cassie. Beautiful cats. The shoopping looks like a good time, but the cookie eating, now that's right up my ally.
Hugs, June

Andrea said...

Next time I'm near Atlanta, I want to go to these shops! I'm so glad you had an enjoyable trip. Many blessings to you, Kim.


The Sweetbrier Cottage said...

So that's what "cat-juggling" is:) Very appetizing pictures!

The Pink Bird House said...

oh what a nice post, it has a bit of everything in it. the cat and dog juggling act reminds me of when I would visit my mom and my sister would come up from Maryland with her dogs and 2 parrots. Mom's cat did not like the dogs, but the dogs insisted they pay a friendly visit to her. And so the show would begin! The parrots had a grand time watching all this from their birds' eye view on their portable perch.

The antiques are great, I love the sofa too! I might have been able to fit it into our large car. I might have to join you next time around! :-)

And best of all, those warm-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies. Oh, I LOVE baking them and then eating some just as they cool off enough to pop them in your mouth. And nothing beats a hot cup of tea. I have some new teas to try out, found some melon tea, and summer fruits which is without caffeine, and white tea. Since I can never decide which one to drink at the moment, I have my own little tea party, with 3 small tea pots filled to the brim with different ones, and then I sip them as I read the morning paper, and decide which is my favorite at the moment! I know, call me crazy. :-)

have a good day. Your little trip away sounds like heaven. Debby

Draffin Bears said...

What a lovely post Kim ~ I enjoyed seeing your trip around the antique shops. I love the sofa and your green and pink photo.

Juggling the pets made me laugh and then the bird coming along and making things even more exciting.


the voice of melody said...

Cookies and tea, what a great way to relax after shopping! :)

Paula said...

Hello, Kim! I've been catching up on your blog today after a long absence (it's so good to be back visiting again!), and it looks like you had a great time in Atlanta! Oh, the shops and the cookies! That's my kind of time! Like you, I was drooling over those gorgeous chandeliers! Thanks so much for sharing them! I already have a list of places to visit the next time I'm over that month some time! Sounds as though you did a great job and juggling the animals. I had to laugh. Welcome to my world! We had to referee dinner time last night between Molly and one of the cats. Craziness!

I'm off again to do some more reading of your posts. Hope you're doing well!!