Saturday, September 5, 2009

Autumn's Morning Light

Although not officially Autumn, this morning's sun hung lower in the sky sending golden rays drifting through tree branches. Cooler temperatures made for a good start to the day.
A pot of Earl Grey Creme tea.
A couple of sugar cubes, a quick stir, and off to the back yard.
The sun shines across a bed of leaves creating a pathway of light.
This looks like a comfy spot.
Trickling water serenades as we enjoy the morning's splendor.
A few of summer's blooms linger.
Better drink my tea before it cools.
Spanish moss shimmers in the early morning light.
Even Kasey is enjoying the cooler temperatures:).
Light dances off of early morning droplets.
Glad you could join me for this early morning splendor:).


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I have been taking photos for years but now I am beginning to study photography. Your photos are excellent. If you happen to read my post about the photography you know what I am doing. On day 3 of the 365 days I am to do this assignment, I can already see my humdrum way of shooting as opposed to real creativity. I am so glad I have so many opportunities to see some good shooting. The one with the dew drop is, for instance, something I would have never noticed before.Blessings


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Have a lovely weekend KIM.

June said...

My gosh Kim! These pictures are stunning! Isn't it awesome when you feel like you are right there with a person walking with them, seeing what they are seeing, feeling what they are feeling? Just amazing!
Thank you so much for your wonderful message you left for me about my porch! You know you made my day, don't you?

Callie Magee Antiques said...

I loved the trip through your garden for an early cup of tea and it was my favorite Earl Grey.
beautiful photography.

Callie Magee Antiques said...
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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

I loved my early morning tea with you in the garden, how splendid.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.

Have a happy weekend

Deanna said...

Lovely Autumn Morning Light!
Blessings to you this fine day,

Jodie LeJeune said...

Oh I was enjoying the morning rays with you, so peaceful as I was scrolling down, enlarging each beautiful photo. Then...I thought I was looking in the mirror but soon realized it was Kasey who I was looking at! Whew!
everything vintage

Cynthia said...

Thank you for the beautiful pictures, I love the soft glow
of the sunlight on each photo.

Wow, you are the only other person
I know who enjoyed What Lies
Beneath - thank you.

The Garden Cat Cottage said...


Beautiful Photos as always. Its not quite fall in my neck of the woods, but it doesn't stop me from I love Earl Grey after seeing your make it so lovely in the teapot I will have to folow suit and do the same.
Happy Fall Ya'll
Kathy at The Garden Cat Cottage

Paula said...

Dear sweet Kim,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful "Autumn's Morning Light", I enjoyed the lovely photos and your sweet writings so much! You are a gifted photographer and writer. I am so ready for Autumn to arrive here in Louisiana! Kasey is so adorable... so kissable and sweet!!! I know Pearl is ready for cooler temperatures, too. She always gets so playful and runs so fast around the yard. It makes me so happy to see her having such fun.

Love you,