Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Velvet Rose

Amongst the weeds and rotting wood,
A glorious house there once stood.
Where flowers once bloomed only weeds now grow,
All that remains is the Velvet Rose.
Welcome to the Velvet Rose, a 19th century structure that originated in Savannah.
She was moved to her current location by way of the river.

Originally quite the gem, she had double verandah's to grace her facade.

All that remains of the small porch added after the verandahs were removed is a rotting handrail.

Vines creep up her outside walls to peek within her barren rooms.

Despite her sad state of disrepair life still grows at her foundations.

Where glorious gardens once grew only weeds and large bushes remain.

At one time her gardens were the talk of the town often appearing in local garden tours.

Sun rays still shine forth over her eaves.

If windows are the eyes of a house hers appear to be crying.

Boards cover rotting wood and missing windows.

Take a glimpse inside and imagine the love that once resided within her walls.

Still she stands tall...

as she slowly fades away.

We named this house the Velvet Rose because all good houses deserve a name. We attempted to purchase her some years ago but could not find the financial resources to obtain and restore her. A young couple took on the massive task but soon learned it was too much.
She is currently free to anyone who will move her to a new location.
And so the fate of the Velvet Rose remains grim as there are no historic provisions to prevent her demolition.


Sweet Old Vintage said...

How sad.... but the ecomony and the amount of work involved make her almost sure to fall to demo..... maybe, a slight chance, she will find a willing person that will help bring her glory back.

Jodie LeJeune said...

The slow death of a beautiful home...too sad. Only she will take her memories down with her once she's gone. sad to probably be replaced with something not even as close to her former grandeur!
everything vintage

June said...

Oh your two posts about this house were so interesting. I do hope someone can move her and make her the beauty that she once was. I love that you named her, and what a fitting name.

Deanna said...

Dear Kim,
Greetings from HomeHaven.
I can just imagine the Velvet Rose all cleaned up and ready for a family to live within.
I like the windows around the door.
Glad you shared pics of her.
Enjoyed the poetry!!!
Blessings to you.

Paula said...

Dear Kim,

How terribly sad, and I was hoping for a good ending! I do wish you and your hubby could have purchased and restored her. I know the two of you would have done a beautiful job with a lot of love! "The Velvet Rose" is a beautiful name. I am praying someone will come along, have her moved, and give her the love and care she deserves! It just breaks my heart to see her looking so sad. I can picture just how she once looked... your descriptive writings in your previous post were wonderful. I would hate to hear she was demolished!

Love, Paula

Anonymous said...

This is not only the death of a home it is the death of history.... All the history of this beautiful gracious lady!!

Bertie said...

My heart breaks for this beautiful structure.

I pray that someone sees her potential and brings her back to good health.

Thanks for speaking for her. I wish I lived closer.

Aunt May's Cottage

Bumpkin Bears said...

oh this is so sad, how could they demolish such a beauty. It must cost so much, what a sad state of affairs that there can be no special funds for these kind of properties. I adore her sash windows, and just imagine the stories she could tell! I do so hope that her fate will be a happy one. Do let us know any news. Gosh if she was here I would adore to bring her back to glory, if I had the funds! Have a nice weekend, Catherine x

Fete et Fleur said...

My heart is sad for the Velvet Rose. My hopes would be for restoration. Please let us know what happens.


BellaRosa said...

My stars my heart hurts for "The Velvet Rose" How I wish it were here in Ca. and I had the means to put it on my property with my 1916 house, I have more than enough room. I would so love that. Thank you for sharing her story..please let us know what happens. Rose

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

that is very sad to read about the Velvet Rose house, that would once of been a beautiful home.
I love the window panes and all the other beautiful features.
I really hope that someone could bring it back to its former glory.
Please let us know what happens to her.

Enjoy your weekend

Sandi said...

I get so sad when I see houses that were glorious in their day fall into such a sad state of repair. Wish we all had unlimited resources to fix each and every one up. Please keep us updated on her progress. Love the name.

Anonymous said...

That is a sad story. Hope something good happens for that house.

Sandra said...

What a sad but beautiful story. I've so enjoyed these two posts about her "life". It's always so sad to see old buildings fall into decay or get torn down...they really do have a story to tell.

I'd love to move her up here but don't think this southern belle would like our Canadian winters. :o)

LW said...

My heart aches for this home…
I do hope she is saved from her fate…


Anonymous said...