Monday, September 28, 2009

Farmers Market Harvest

Beneath moss laden oak trees every Saturday morning...
is the Farmer's Market where many gather with family and friends.
This lovely lady was accompanied by her pet parrot:).
Local farmer's brought everything from honey,
to eggplant,
even giant shrimp (this one was about five inches)!
Delicate sprays of flower bouquets...
add warmth and beauty to this harvest scene.
Loaves of homemade bread.
And what would an autumn harvest be without pumpkins?
The Lord's bounty was abundantly displayed on this beautiful autumn day for all to enjoy:).


The Sweetbrier Cottage said...

Absolutely wonderful! Love the beautiful colors in all those pictures. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

There is a wonderful Farmer's Market every Sat. in the summer & into the Fall in Vestal, NY where we shop!! Dozens of vendors & oodles of goodies!! I Love it!!
Have a Good Week!

crochet lady said...

Love farmer's markets! Those sunflowers and pumpkins really shout fall.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

I felt as if I had visited the market with you, could smell the scent of the flowers, touch the pumpkins (they always remind me of Charlie Brown and Snoopy!!!), and as for that honey, I would have had 2 jars in my basket faster then you could have batted your eyes at me. Nothing more delicious then homemade honey! Used to have a family here in the neighborhood that had bees, but they gave it up. :-( Thanks for taking us along with you to the market!! Debby

Deanna said...

Autumn Blessings to you, Kim!
Farmers Market is a great way to gather and see what the locals are selling and what's available.

Though the food is good, the flowers are real nice. Like them.

God Bless,

Silver said...

They look absolutely delightful. Don;t we all just love fall. Sometimes there's a sort of melancholic feeling, sometimes somewhat romantic.


The White Bench said...

Absolutely gorgeous market! I love them especially during this blessed Season...
Thanks a lot for your sweet compliments about my blog and handpainted tiles, I see you love sunflowers too!

June said...

Kim, I love farmer's markets. Any time I can go is a treat. This one looks like a good sized one.Your photo are full of beautiful Fall color. Love them!
I love open markets of any kind.

Paula said...

Dear Kim,

Indeed the Lord's bounty was displayed! He is so good to us!!! The farmer's market looks wonderful. I love all of the photos you shared! The flowers are just amazing, and I would have to come home with a bouquet, some honey and pumpkins! Thank you for sharing your Saturday with us!

Love, Paula