Friday, December 11, 2009

Kramer Chronicles-Hmph!

Hmph! I was just at
where my grandma posted about all of the granddogs but she forgot me!
I'm a dog too! Yeah, I know, people say I'm a cat but they're just confused!
Let's talk about this for a minute because we need to clarify some things.
First, I can stretch farther.
I sit on the couch like the dogs.
I can sleep in contorted positions!
Here's Calvin doing the Kramer crouch (not as well as me I must say).
Look at these paws! They're paws of steel!
I can even do the Kramer crouch standing up!
I can be very tall,
I can stretch really far,
I can even dance! Step to the front, two, three,
to the side, two, three.
"Do a little dance, chase a little toy, jump up tonight, jump up tonight!"
I am a master of disguise! Can you see me now?
How about now?
I know, pretty clever, huh? The chair has two extra legs!
All I have to say is...the next time there is a post about the dogs don't forget me!
And that's all I have to say about that.
It's time for a cat nap:).


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

A CAT'S LIFE FOR SURE...don't you hust love em !

Kim, thank you so much for visting my are my most faithful
and I appreciate you.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Laughing here...just came back and REALLY read this post...that is one clever cat...and a SHOW OFF too.
But I am sure you will not forget him the NEXT time !!!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dear, that was way too cute!!!! You are very, very clever with the cat tales my friend! I love putting stories to animal antics! Thank you dear one for visiting me tonight! I have a lousy camera and worse photography skills, but the header and the two pics of the doll are mine...I had good intentions! Your comments are sweet, however, and I did intend for it to have a misty, magical effect! Have a blessed weekend my dear! Anita

silk purse said...

Cute!~ What a kitty ~ er, "doggy" furry little character he is!..,

Lovely to have you pop by my dear for a "cup of hot chocolate and a cookie or two"! So good to hear from you once more!..,

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas and holiday season.

Cheers from Silken Purse @ The Plumed Pen..,

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

I love hearing about the tales of your pets ~ they are so cute.

Happy weekend

Joyfulsister said...

LOL.. Kim
How cute is that!!! Your furbaby reminds me of my Bookie who we miss dearly. He had asthma and as my daughter says he is now in kitty heaven. Thanks for coming over and sharing your heart with me today, I was truly blessed!!

Hugz Lorie

Jodie LeJeune said...

Mean Mean Grandma ;)
Poor Poor Kramer.
{pet} {smooch} {pet}

Auntie Jodie loves you Kramer.
More than Grandma does ;)
{pet} {smooch} {pet}

You will always be my favorite kitty-dog, I promise!

everything vintage

ps...just kidding Grandma! ;)

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Ya just gotta love Kramer

Michael823 said...

Ok left a comment at Sweetbrier reminding Grandma that Grandpa noticed that "kittydog" was missing as well. Kramer has a loooong memory.

June said...

Kim, Kramer is one cool cat...I mean dog...really I did Kramer.
I don't think he'll be forgotten again do you?

Bonnie said...

Hi-diddly-dee, a kitty's life for me! Yes, Kramer is all that and that's why we love him so! I love your pictures and captions.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season! It's sooooo cold in So. California a bit of an anomoly going on here.

Stay warm, Bonnie

Rita said...

thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment.
your kitty is so darling and your post entertaining. I'll be back again for more.

Sandra said...

Kramer has convinced me...he really must be a dog in cat's clothing. ;o)

Cute pictures...thanks!

crochet lady said...

Seriously, I think Kramer should be in the movies, or something!

Stephenie said...

That Little Kramer is such a cutie!!! He really got alot of personality..
Hope all is well..

lorhen82 said...

I'm just wondering...would Kramer be anywhere near as cool without his mommy to tell such wonderful stories about him??? OK, I suppose he would be! :)


Eastlake Victorian said...


I love Calvin and Kramer's paw-stretch comparison. So cute! Your pets are so sweet.

Like the bit of disco dancing there, too! :D