Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Ball at Boone Hall

As the sun sets over the water's edge...
hubby takes in the view.
It's time to dress for the Ball.
Let's see what I'll need for the evening.
Once the accessories are chosen I do my hair.
Hubby is handsome in his velvet collared vest.
I'm ready in one of the newest creations by my fairy dressmaker, Christine.
We stroll down a lantern lit avenue of oaks and arrive at the cotton dock to find friends waiting.
All were socializing and enjoying the general splender of the evening.
Oh my! She's due in just 9 days!
This lovely couple got engaged at this very Ball just two years ago:).
Visit the link below to see them at last year's event.
More of the lovely ladies in beautiful gowns.
Let the dancing begin!
This young man catches a snooze while ladies and gents twirl about inside.
After several hours of dancing and visiting the evening drew to a close.

Join me tomorrow for more of the weekend's events. I need to rest my weary feet:).


Anonymous said...

That is so exciting. I love the dresses you had on. Your hubby looks so distinguished.

The Sweetbrier Cottage said...

Your gown is so beautiful! Send Christine my complements once again. What a wonderful ball - I hope everyone had a good time. Please let us know what type of dancing you are able to do with those hoops:)

Eastlake Victorian said...


I love these pictures, as always. I like the way you pose when you are in character... no big smiles for the camera (very authentic)! That glasses holder is fascinating. Is it an antique? Do you normally wear glasses, and have a pair that is made to fit the era?

All the charming details. It makes me wish I lived in the 19th century, with all the beautiful clothes and accessories!