Monday, November 9, 2009

Kramer Chronicles-The Giveaway Package Arrives

I was very fortunate to have won Bertie's giveaway at
Bertie has a beautiful blog featuring lovely Victorian decorating posts:).
The package arrived today and was placed on the kitchen table.
Kramer could hardly wait to see what was inside.
He turned on the light...

and opened the box.

Inside was this lovely letter that Bertie sealed with wax like the Victorians used to do.

Kramer checked out all of the wrapped goodies.

He decided I should open this one first.

Here are the beautiful treasures from Bertie.
A lovely picture frame with vintage print, a larger shadow box frame with a print of a beautifully dressed lady, and a small lamp shade (that will grace one of my small lamps very soon:)!

Kramer posing with the treasures.

Can you find the Kramer in this picture?

Suddenly something caught Kramer's attention-daddy was home!

Ahhh yes, the attention he had been awaiting.

A little more to the left...

that's the spot!

Mom, stop taking pictures of me!!!

Give me that!

Yay, mom's almost done taking pictures of me-high five!

The Tail End:).
Thanks again Bertie for the lovely giveaway gifts!!!
Please stop by and visit Bertie's blog-it's a wonderful place to visit:)!


crochet lady said...

Giveaways are fun! Kramer is such a ham.

June said...

Hi Kim and Kramer! Is Kramer going to help you decide where to put all this beautiful stuff? I imagine that he wants it all in his room! He seem sto love gifts as much as I do...good kitty!
Oh Kim I have missed a couple of posts so I'm catching up tonight. Isn't it wonderful that you were able to meet Redford? I am such a fan of his. I am sooo excited for your experience. This is just so fun to read about it.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Kudos on winning the give away! Looks like Kramer was enjoying your goodies as much as you. Makes me think of our Cody, who figures that any package what so ever must be something for him! He stands right there while we open anything at all that comes in a box, hoping to get a treat out of it, and if we put it on the ground he will dig around trying to open it up and take the things out. I might have to get pictures of him this xmas when he opens his presents. :-) Another great Kramer story. I have been telling everyone that i know about you being in the RR movie, it is such exciting news. hugs, Debby

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh my gosh I always enjoy your Krmaer posts....

cristinoel said...

How nice! You won a give-away! And Kramer is just too cute! again.
blessings always...

Celestial Charms said...

What lovely goodies to come your way. Kramer is such a cutie, and is a lucky cat to receive lots of attention.

Eastlake Victorian said...

Congratulations on winning Bertie's giveaway! Really nice items.

Kramer is such a typical cat. He has to be right in the middle of things. We call our cat Penny "The Little Supervisor." I enjoyed seeing the love Kramer gives to his Dad!

Paula said...

Happy Tuesday, Kim! What WONDERFUL treasures! The pictures and frames are gorgeous, and I adore the lamp shade. I am in such desperate need of a few of those, myself! How fortunate you are to have such a special helper with the box and unwrapping of the surprises. Kramer, I know, was quite thrilled with all the goodies. You can see it in his eyes! I am glad to know that someone else takes as many photos of their furry family members as I do! ;-)

Enjoy finding special places for these pretty new things!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

What wonderful gifts you won in the giveaway ~ how really exciting for you and Kramer.
It will be fun to arrange them in your home.

Have a great week

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Kramer is such a good helper! What a fun post, congratulations on your "win"~ it looks delightful.

FrenchGardenHouse said...
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lorhen82 said...

Hello Kim! Kramer just always puts a smile on my do you! How lucky of you to win that giveaway!


Bumpkin Bears said...

awww Kramer is such a cutie pie :) What a beautiful gift to receive in the post! HUGS, Catherine xx

Bertie said...

Congrats on the win, Kim. I know these items will look perfect in your home.

The Kramer story just cracked me up!! What a ham. My Fraidy Cat was looking at him and asked if he's available. She thinks he's very handsome.

Thanks for entering my give away!

Aunt May's Cottage

Anonymous said...

Oh Kim you get receive some nice things. This place is Santa's Workshop now since I am making all family gifts this year. Not much time to read all my beloved blogs. I have had a full birthday Month, with little history bits, followers and gratitudes, I have missed some of your post. I will catch up.

Wren Cottage said...

Hi Kim!
So happy you got a special treat in the mail :) The pictures will be perfect for your beautiful home! and Kramer is so funny! what a ham :)
Thanks for sharing your world!
Have a lovely week!
xox Madai

Andrea said...

The items are lovely! And, as always, Kramer is awesome! Yes, he is most surely a special kitty!

I hope you are doing well. Do take care, dear friend, and have a beautiful, blessed week!