Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Fairy Tale Continues...

OK, I've kept you waiting long enough.
Hubby and I are extras in the upcoming movie 'The Conspirator' currently filming in Savannah and directed by Robert Redford.
Most all of the extras are wearing dresses from wardrobe. However, my own dresses were chosen (I am so excited for Christine:) for me to wear!
I couldn't resist taking a picture of the people gathered to take pictures of all of us:).
Hubby and some of the other gents in the movie.
Some of the lovely ladies who are also extras
(yeah, I know, the coffee cups kinda ruin the atmosphere).
Two dear ladies who I am proud to say are now friends.
Taking a break.
More of the handsome gents.
A very handsome gent:).
Group pose!
No matter how dressed up we get, the modern technology of the day gives us away!
I must say that it was an amazing experience. We made some new friends and got to meet some stars. If you'd like to know more about the movie there are several websites (Savannah Now has lots of pictures) you can visit. The movie is about Mary Surratt, one of the co-conspirators (supposedly) of Abraham Lincoln's assasination. I have a whole new respect for movie makers after seeing all that goes into the making of those two hours on the big screen.
Hmmm...there is one more piece of exciting news.
Then again I need to leave something for discovery when the movie comes out:).


Michael823 said...

Wonderful!!! The crowd here is still cheering! (although I'm almost out of scotch!!) You arn't really going to make everyone wait until the movie comes out are you?!!



Queenmothermamaw said...

Oh how exciting. I can hardly wait for the rest of the news. I bet that was some experience. Y'all look so lovely.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Well, how fun is this? I love the lady with the Coke can. You look so pretty, what a lovely gown. Can't wait to see what follows this!

June said...

Hi Kim,
What a wonderful experience this must be for you! Your dress is gorgeous! So is the news...that Kramer has a leading part in the movie? I wouldn't be surprised if he took an Oscar for his performance.lol

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

What fun! I would love to own a gown like yours, although I'm not sure where or when I would wear it!

Draffin Bears said...

Oh how wonderful Kim, that is so exciting for you and your husband.
You look beautiful in your gorgeous gown.
I know how much time and work goes into a movie.
Our kids were extras in a movie Kid's world and we spent two days with them and all for about 2 minutes of time in the actual movie. If you blinked you would have missed them.

I look forward to seeing you in the movie.


Draffin Bears said...

Kim, I looked at your photos again and you should have been the leading Lady and not extras.
You look very pretty and you and husband make a wonderful couple.


Deanna said...

Can't wait to see the movie.
I'll be looking for you!!!
A great story along with wardrobe, actors, scenery, etc.
This otta be good!
How neat for you and hubby to be a part of this movie.

Eastlake Victorian said...

I can't wait for the movie to come out! You look so elegant in your gown, and you have the pose down, girl! I like that the movie has something to do with Lincoln, my favorite President. Did you get to meet Robert Redford? What wonderful memories for you both.

Andrea said...

Oh, I'm sooooo excited for you!!! I can't wait to see the movie. My husband loves to study the life of Abraham Lincoln, so, eh, too, will look forward to the movie.

Great news, Kim!!!



PAPER GIRL said...

WOW Kim!!!!! How exciting. What an adventure! And the fact that you actually got to use one of your dresses... Just special and wonderful. beautiful dress BTW. Can't wait to see the finished movie. You and your husband look great together. Blessings, Rosalind

Laura said...

How exciting!! I can't begin to imagine what fun that would be.

I love the header on your blog. I could just settle into that chair and stay there for hours reading. :)

A wonderful day to you!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Seriously Kim...this is AWESOME news!!!! You have to send me your autograph...that's all I ask of you!! Now I can say I knew you when...

everything vintage
(who now has a famous friend!)

ps...please don't forget who I am, I beg you!!!!

Bonnie said...

Oh my gosh! What beautiful costumes, you all look so authentic even with a coffee cup in hand! I also enjoyed your two previous posts and I am a die hard Jane Austen fan. I too sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong time.

I really loved these posts and I will be re-reading and looking at the pictures again! You have a very talented friend!


Bonnie said...

PS, thanks for visiting with me at my blog. I came up with the name from the theme song from That Girl with Marlo Thomas...diamonds, daisies, snowflakes, that girl!

Joyfulsister said...

Oh what a wonderful experience.. Thank you for your visit to my bloog and for sharing your heart with me. I also love the Victorian Era, and love to decorate a little space of mine with victorian ladies, teacups, and old cameos. You have a beautiful blog and I too look forward to coming back to visit.

Aloha Lorie

Deanna said...

Hi Kim!
Thx for stopping by and having tea at my place today.
My little grandson's name is Aiden and he was born on October 26th.
Had a rough start with labored breathing, but is doing well now. Prayed alot.
Hope to see him again real soon around Thanksgiving!
Thank you for asking.
Can't wait to see the movie you'll be in. That had to be great fun.
God bless,

crochet lady said...

That is so exciting Kim!
The pictures are great, love all the fancy dresses.

Rita said...

Hi Kim,
I've just come across yourbblog while doing some blog hopping and I'm so glad I have. It is such a lovely blog.
Love this post and wow... those costumes are simply stunning. oh my, I'd so much like to go back in time for just a handful of minutes and wear such elegant dresses. I can picture myself strolling on some street in such a dress... thank God dreaming is free!
if you have some time, do pop by my blog. And donot forget to let me know you've been there by leaving a line or two!
With warm wishes on a cool night

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Kim, Kim, Kim, you are just full of surprises for us. Oh my gosh, how totally exciting your news is. Being an extra in a movie with my old time favorite heart throb Robert Redford!! And your dress is beyond description lovely. What an experience for you and hubby to have taken part in. I am soo excited for you. Now you got me anxious to hear the rest of your news. How can it possibly get ANY BETTER THAT THIS. hugs, debby

Bertie said...

OMGoodness!! How exciting!! What an opportunity for a true Victorian lover such as you!! Oh....so happy you got to experience this. Can't wait for more..

Come see me and a new addition to my Victorian Parlor.

How pretty you and barbershop honey look!! Wow!

Aunt May's Cottage

PS did my package arrive OK?

lorhen82 said...

Kim, your gown is gorgeous!!! ~Lori

Rachel Lanning said...

Hey :D
The dress looks great! How've you been? I've been super great.
p.s. my mom gave me the link to your website :D