Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blog Tea Party fit for a Queen

I've been thinking with all of the brutally cold weather and snow this winter that it was time to think about something warm:).
What's the best thing to do when it's cold and snowy outside?
Have a tea party of course (or at least start planning one:)!
I have decided to host a blog tea party in honor of Queen Victoria's birthday on May 24th.
I realize this is a couple of months away but I thought it would be nice to plan something while we are all confined to the warmth of indoors.
I have been reading this book by Arthur Lawrence Merrill about Queen Victoria's life.
I have always been something of a fan of Queen Victoria and her reign
(I know-big surprise:).
I knew something of her wonderful contributions before but I have learned so much more reading this book.
Many people might not realize that Queen Victoria was mother to 9 children.
Of course with the recent release of the movie Young Victoria many people are aware of her romantic love story with her beloved husband, Prince Albert.
This portrait by Thomas Sully is one of the most famous of the Queen.
The Queen's coronation.
Queen Victoria was a woman passionate about her people, family, children, and animals.
She was something of an activist, you could say, for children, animals, and the poor.
This picture is a group of the Royal family at Balmoral, her Scotland home.
The more I learn about Queen Victoria the more I respect not only her but the amazing things she did for society.
She was a kind, intelligent, passionate woman with great faith and respect for all those in her service and the people of her dominion.
Please join me for a blog tea party on May 24th to celebrate her legacy.
I will post more about this as the time draws closer and I will also post interesting facts about her life and reign.
In honor of the compassion she showed both people and animals I would ask that your tea party benefit one of the following:
Local Food Bank-ask tea party participants to donate canned goods to their local food bank.
Children's Shelter-donate supplies to your local child abuse shelter
Animal Shelter-donate supplies/food to your local animal shelter
I will post more about how to sign up and participate soon:). Until then feel free to start planning and letting others know about it!
Hope to see you at tea:)!


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Kim I will mark this date for sure and be glad to join in on this fun tea time...she was an aswesome woman...and their is nothing better than a victorian tea with scrones and devonshire cream YUM!! Thank you again for comingby my friend...Your one of the this date gets closer can I announce it for you also the cause is wonderful...I work at the food share program and this is a GREAT and needy cause...Hope you have a wonderful weeken my friend...Hugs and smiles to you...Love, Gloria

silk purse said...

Thanks so much for visitng Wednesday Tea For Me and thee!

I am entranced by your lovely blog post today, as well as by the interesting details of your Queen Victoria post!

I saw that movie about 'The Young Victoria' recently, and loved it!.., And yes, she was a fabulous queen and human being!

I will be happy to parake in May!

Hugs from Wanda Lee

Deanna said...

Hi Kim.
Your new size of pictures are great. Like this.
I'm freezing in Kansas so a cup of tea would sure warm me up just about now!!!
A Party will be such fun.
I'll be paying attention to the details.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

I will be MOST interested in your Tea Party honoring Queen Victoria.
I wonder if she thought she would be so fondly remembered this many years later.
She was a special human being...too bad she had spent SO much of her life being so grieved at the loss of her husband.

Will be looking for more details as we go along.


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Queen Victoria's birthday is a celebrated holiday here...
She was certainly a fascinating woman and was very supportive of the arts and progress having hosted with Prince Albert the Great Exhibition.(yet strangely enough she wore full-mourning attire for decades after the Prince's death)
What I found most intriguing was upon her death so great was her devotion to her husband she had the Honiton lace wedding veil draped across her face to wear into the afterlife.
A celebratory tea sounds wonderful.
Susan x

Sandra said...

Queen Victoria's birthday is a holiday here in Canada. I also have an interest in her life and have a few books about her.

I love your idea and look forward to hearing more about it. Who doesn't love a tea party?!

Debby said...

What a great idea! Love your post, so many great pics. Queen Victoria's Birthday is actually a holiday in Canada.

crochet lady said...

Just the thing, a spot of tea!
I have always been intrigued with Queen Victoria too. Thanks for sharing about her...looking forward to learning more.

Diane Costanza said...

I look forward to both a nice cup of tea in May and a little bit of a Victorian history lesson as we wait.


The Pink Birdhouse said...

Sounds like fun, I will have to mark the date on the calendar!!

I did not know many of those things about Queen Victoria, especially not that she had so many children, nor that she helped the cause for the poor and for animals. How interesting. That sure does look like a wonderful old book!! What a treasure.

How is the burned foot doing? I have not only been under the weather of late, not feeling too good, but poured a pot of hot water over my hand while trying to make a cup of tea! Needless to say I did not do much sewing nor blogging for a couple of days. Ouch!

hope all is well, hugs to you, Debby

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

Lovely post and what a great idea, celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday.
Will mark the date on the calender and look forward to this.
Your pink tea cup is gorgeous.

Have a happy weekend

Celestial Charms said...

This should be such an interesting Tea Party. I've penciled in the date to be sure to participate. Sounds lovely, and something to eagerly look forward to.
Have a wonderful weekend.

The Sweetbrier Cottage said...

Am looking forward to a celebration of this great Queen. She was definitely amazing and I love that she was Hanovarian, after recently finding out I am of German descent (in addition to a little British:) Cheers!

Paula said...

Dear Kim,

Such a wonderful post! We loved the movie, Queen Victoria, and I would love to read more about her. Thank you for the book recommendations. Your books are just beautiful and I love your teapot. I enjoyed all the photos of Queen Victoria and all you shared about her. I think a tea party in her honor is a fabulous gesture! Thank you for sharing!
Much love,

Eastlake Victorian said...

What a wonderful idea! We took your advise and saw "Young Victoria", and really enjoyed it. You have so many fascinating books on the Queen, and such knowledge of her life! We just hosted a tea recently, but were thinking it would be fun to do a summertime one out in our gazebo. I don't know if the weather will be warm enough come May, but we shall see! I love all your photos on this post! :)