Friday, February 19, 2010

Kramer Chronicles-Mardi Gras

Kramer is something of a literary cat.
He has recently been honored by being included in the literary gato society, a very elite group of blogland literary kitties.
Here he is choosing from many of the books in our library
(he selected "Of Mice and Men").
But more about his literary pursuits later.
He wanted to celebrate Mardi Gras first!
Now I realize Mardi Gras was this past Tuesday but Kramer didn't have the proper attire.
He was very disappointed that he had missed it but I promised I would find him the proper attire to celebrate.
He was thrilled when I came home with a feathered mask!
He was very pleased with his handsome self all ready to celebrate Mardi Gras!
Here he is on his throne-King Kitty of the Mardi Gras!
I'll have some catnip please!
Hmmm...maybe he had a bit too much catnip:).
Oh yeah, he's toasted.
Once the dogs saw how much fun Kramer was having, they wanted to join in on the fun.
Calvin models the mask before em'barking' on some dog treats:).
Calvin after he had some dog treats!
Kasey is not as excited about the mask.
She'll wear anything for dog treats:).
OK, enough pictures already! Where are the treats?
Lizzy modeling the feather mask.
Obviously she had a rawhide chew in addition to the dog treats!
Do you have any idea how difficult it is to keep a Jack Russell quiet long enough to snap a picture of her in a feather mask using only one hand ?
Ok, so bribery works!
Well, back to the books.
Kramer the literary cat has enjoyed his Mardi Gras celebration and is ready to read.
Visit Kramer and his other literary kitties at


The Sweetbrier Cottage said...

Amazing! I haven't enjoyed a blog this much in many many months. Truly cat-ivating!

June said...

Kim you are so funny! I love all your sweethearts dressed up to celebrate. That masks makes them all look soooo festive.

Debby said...

hehehe..Krammer is amazing! Great post.

Jodie LeJeune said...

You are too crazy girl!!!!
Are you sure you aren't stealing some of Kramer's cat nip??? Where do you come up with this stuff girl??? You are hilarious and it helps that Kramer is the center of attention too...he's such a ham!!!

Love the photo of Kramer on the literary blog...where IS his book?
everything vintage

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh my gosh.... catnip plus .....

crochet lady said...

You have the greatest pets and so willing to be photographed!

Love that fancy mask.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

Loved reading and seeing the Kramer Chronicles-Mardi Gras.
What a lot of fun and glad that they could celebrate up big with the masks and have a good time.

Have a happy weekend

Eastlake Victorian said...

Everybody looks so cute in the feathery Mardi Gras mask! What lucky pets to have such fun-loving humans to play with!


Deanna said...

Delightful post. Put a smile on my face!
Sweet wk-end to you,

Bonnie said...

Kim, I love it when you feature your furry critters!

Paula said...

Oh Kim, You make me laugh so hard! Kramer is so cute and he looks quite handsome in his Mardi Gras mask! I loved every single photo and your writings go along perfectly! Calvin, Kasey, and Lizzy are darling, and looked very cute in the mask too! What wonderful sweeties you have!!!! Thank you for sharing and putting smile on my face. What fun you all had! I am sure Kramer enjoyed the catnip and the doggies their treats. Mr. Poppy would do anything for a treat! Pearl likes them, but not like Mr. Poppy does!

Much love,