Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Thankfulness

This post has two purposes:
first, to test out posting pictures in a larger format (I figured I'd use random pictures),
and second, to thank all of you!
To begin, I chose a picture of Kramer being his usual cat-itude self:).
Many of you have commented that you would like to see my pictures larger and I sincerely thank you for your kind suggestions (not to mention I really appreciate your visits to my blog and your taking the time to share suggestions with me:)!
Included in this thank you are pictures of lovely papers that Rosalind from
sent to me.
Some of the papers are from her stash...
while others she made herself.
I can honestly say I have never seen such beautiful hand-made paper as those precious pieces she shared with me.
I can't wait to make something beautiful with them!
Thank you Rosalind!
This antique glove box was a gift from my dear friend Christine for Christmas.
I had admired it and the little sneak went back after we left the antiques store to buy it for me:).
The details of this lovely box seemed like good subject matter to test out larger pictures:).
I also thought I would share some of the Valentine's that I made for family and friends this year.
With my new camera I am trying out all kinds of photo collage stuff.
Thanks to all of the amazing artists whose blogs I visit who provide such inspiration as well as instruction on how to create beautiful things!
I used vintage buttons on all of the cards.
Finally, to all of my friends in blogland that visit and leave kind comments-
Your kindness and gracious words, whether it be about my pets, house, or whatever I post, always warms my heart:).
You are truly treasures each and every one of you!


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...


I like the larger pictures! Now for the good stuff.... OMG!!!! on that gorgeous glove box! it is so stunning and what a goof friend you have!!! That glove box makes my heart flutter!!! Your Valentine's Creations are lovely! I really enjoy visiting you and seeing all of your beautiful things! The pleasure is mine!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

As you can see, I need a class in spelling! or maybe typing! It was supposed to be GOOD friend in the last comment!!

Cynthia K. said...

Hi there! Yes, the pictures are much larger and that is a very good thing!

You made some very pretty valentines! And my goodness, what lovely gifts you received from your friends! How wonderful for you...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh hi Kramer... how cute... I alwys click and enlarge the pics I am real interested in to see detail.....

Eastlake Victorian said...


I do like the bigger pictures! I always like to click on them anyway to see them even bigger. (That's why I started putting mine of Flickr, because I found that Blogger didn't always make all my pictures clickable.)

I can see why you had your eye on that glove box. What a sweet thing for your friend to do! You have such pretty papers, and your hand made Valentines are such treasures! Great job!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

I enjoyed seeing all your lovely photos.
Isn't Rosalinds handmade papers and cards gorgeous ~ I am still admiring mine and look forward to using some of them soon.


Deanna said...

Love it!

Debby said...

Krammer is so darned cute. What a beautiful post, so many pretties!

sepiadreams said...

Lovely-all of it. I see Kramer hasn't changed a bit....Love Tiina...

June said...

Kim I love the larger pictures. That glovebox is an amazing gift from a sweet friend. It is the prettiest one I've seen to date.
Your Valentine cards are so pretty!!! I love them. What a wonderful talent you have for making these. I bet your friends and family were all delighted to receive these. A sweet gesture, from a sweet lady.

Bonnie said...

I just love Kramer! The bigger, the better.


Paula said...

Dear Kim,

I love the photos you shared and the larger format is wonderful! We can see all those lovely details! Tell Kramer thank you for being such a good model! I love the cards you made, very pretty!

Much love,

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

I love the larger photos Kim...but I'm greedy...I want bigger! hahaha
Seriously...I'm so glad you made them bigger. I'm getting old girl and cannot see!!!! I would just hate to miss one photo of my little adorable Kramer by accident...I would die! ;)

The bigger the better is my motto!

oooo, and I love your creations and gifts...simply beautiful~

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

What joy our "finds" give us..and then the added benifit now is we can share that JOY with others on our blogs. Love your box that you recieved.
Yes Kim, I thought I was going to have someone else offer to buy that Eastlake Wall Decor piece that I was "looking at" on Sat.
But then he smiled and told me quietly...that he KNEW I would buy it, it was not a matter of IF.
He left the shop smiling.
Now we've got to get working on it.