Friday, February 20, 2009

Tea Cups

Being the tea drinking fanatic that I am I just love tea cups. Not only do they cradle that delicious steaming hot brew we call tea they add a touch of delicate beauty to the experience.

Ornately decorated tea cup and saucer.

Demitasse cups and saucers.

Stacks of cups and saucers.

I love the tea cups with a surprise at the bottom of the cup. What a delightful way to finish a cup of tea.

Some of my favorites are those little handpainted beauties sporting my favorite flower, the rose.

This cup not only has handpainted roses on the outside but the artist also painted the inside a soft pink.

Laden with roses and trimmed in gleaming gold,
A wonderful sight when tea it beholds,
Atop of a saucer with flowers divine,
Holding a tea spoon and a slice of lemon rind,
Bring me a tea cup filled with the brew,
That beckons serenity and warms the heart too.


Draffin Bears said...

Oh what beautiful cups and saucers.
Yours are all very beautiful - love them all. Especially the first one with the cut out on the saucer. Also the hand painted roses are sweet.

Are the cups and saucers - Calico by Burleigh?
I have some plates and a teapot and jug that are like that but in navy blue and white.

Enjoy your weekend

Paula said...

Oh, what lovely teacups and saucers you have! As a tea lover, I, too, love these delicate little works of art. Being the tea lover that you are, I bet you would enjoy the book, The Tea Experience. Lovely recipes, photos, tablescapes, etc. I'll give you a link to it and other goodies below.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I'm off to paint baseboards and wood trim. Oh, so exciting a day! But first, a stop by the kitchen for my own delicious cup of tea!

Saturday blessings,


lorhen82 said...

What pretty teacups! I love teacups too and want to thank you again for the one you sent to me. I haven't had the tea yet, because I want to wait until I can actually really taste it! But some cold evening when I'm wishing winter was over, I brew a pot and sit down for a cozy drink!


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

They are beautiful and I see you fancy the ones with roses. I might ask if you are familiar with a geisha teacup. They are now being reproduced and are decorated usually with dragons and pagodas on the outside... but when you lift them to the light you will find the face of a geisha image transparent in the bottom.The antique ones are lighter than a feather and the image is beautiful.
xo Susan

Jodie LeJeune said...

What a beautiful poem!

I have to say...I love the brown & white in the second & third pictures.

My gosh, I had some reading to catch up on snuck 3 posts in since I visited you last!

So, I knew how to fix that...I added you to my sidebar and now I'm notified when you post anew!

Thank you for always sharing your beautiful surroundings with us, I so enjoy it!

Have a great week to come!
everyting vintage

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I have the creamer to that brown set. Are these all in your collection? (some people take pics in flea markets, show...)