Monday, February 23, 2009


Inspiration comes from so many sources...books, magazines, vignettes in antique stores, and blogspots. 221 Antiques & Coffee is located dowtown with a wonderful array of lovely things to inspire. All of the treasures pictured below are available (the pink tea cup and brown and white tea cups from my tea cup post are also there). Call Lisa at 843-522-3049.
An old well worn Bible, antique photo and lace, with vintage gloves and a princess rotary dial phone dress up an antique painted dresser at 221 Antiques & Coffee.

A rhinestone bedecked compact sparkles against the lace.

An old antique cup and lace doilie also look good with the vintage compact.

The Bible and photo sit behind a vintage bakelight hair receiver with gold painted berries.

The phone is an old rotary dial model. Do you remember the days when phones had cords and rotary dialing? I do:)

Maisy Daisy, the shop mascot (she's not available to take home:). She looks so glamorous in this vintage rhinestone necklace:) I guess you could say that the shop has gone to the dogs!


Stephenie said...

Just love the post. I find so much inspiration blogging. (I'm new here). I just love your gloves, the Bible, lace, & actually I love it all...
Maisy looks just divine with her necklace on.
My dad calls his dog Maisy McDaisy.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I love all your inspiring photo's esp. your puppy. Thanks for praying for Deb and her family!!

lorhen82 said...

I not only remember rotary dials, but we were on a party line when I was growing up! Wow...I feel so old! ~Lori