Monday, February 16, 2009

The Loveliness of Lace

As I awoke this morning with the light filtering through the lace curtains I thought about the beauty in something as simple as lace. God has a way of pointing out the small beauties in life when all is quiet and the sun is cresting the horizon.

Early morning light peeking through lace curtains.

The view of a new day is just beyond the antique lace.

Vintage silver gleams against vintage lace and marble.

Even new lace is graceful.

Golden lace highlights an antique chair.

Stained glass glitters behind its lace screen.

Antique lace adds gracefulness.

Old books are softened by a vintage lace doilie.

Silver shimmers atop an antique lace scarf.

Tasseled curtains and lace panels frame the view outside.

Vintage lace and velvet.

Delicate lace cascades over layers of silver trays.

A lace doilie enhances a porcelain bowl filled with flowers.

An antique lace collar will soon charm a new dress.
Lace has a very delicate elegance that graces everything it touches.


Anonymous said...

I have many pieces of lace my Sweet Grandma made & sometimes as I look at it I wonder what she was thinking about as she crocheted it. She has been gone many years but my memory of her still brings a tear to my eye....
Love, Marilyn

TattingChic said...

What a lovely post! Beautiful photographs paired with lovely phrases about the beauty and charm of lace.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Yes! Lace is classic and evokes memories of my mother tatting lovely lace collars! You take great photos. I am still learning! My mother used to make such nice lace things...I need to rummage around for those! Have a blessed day! Anita

Jodie LeJeune said...

Okay Girlie, here's the deal...
you're out ~ I'm moving in!!!
I want to wake up to lace smitten mornings and then drown in lace all day!!! :)

You are so lucky, I'm totally jealous. I would never get out of bed in the morning if my bedroom looked like that!!!!

Your pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL...

Draffin Bears said...

What a very beautiful post ~ loved it.
The sun peeping through the lace curtains looks so beautiful and your room looks delightful and romantic.
The silver brush set matches it so perfectly.


Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

What a GORGEOUS victorian home you have! Love the photos...

xo Heather

sepiadreams said...

Love the photos!!! I have to tell you, the story you submitted for my contest is beautiful. I felt like a real goofus when I started to cry. I read it to my oldest daughter and to my amazement she cried as well. Well done!!! Hugzzz...Tiina...

Paula said...

Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful post! I adore lace...all types of lace. Oh, how I've enjoyed looking at yours!

I purchased the book over the weekend for the reading group blog! I am only about 30 pages into it. I'm looking forward to this so much!

Enjoy your week. Thanks for sharing such lovely words and pictures with us...


Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Your lace is beautiful! What a lovely post. There really is something special about looking out into the world through a window covered in lace. Have a beautiful day ~ xo Joy