Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Luxurious Velvet

Being a Victorian home velvet is a must in our house. Velvet is a favorite respite for our dogs and cat no matter where it is found.
Kramer's favorite chair in the living room-a soft mauve color.

Of course, Kramer also likes the red velvet chair in the bathroom.

Calvin likes the mauve velvet chair in the living room when the couch is occupied by everyone else.
Sometimes just touching the velvet chair is enough.

For Kasey sandwiching her face between the velvet pillow and sofa arm is sufficient.
Calvin also loves the velvet throw for a nap.

The other velvet throw with the velvet pillow is even better.

When all else fails a velvet placemat will do.

And then there are times when they have to share the velvet.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I do love velvet, but I don't think it would fit well in our home... way too much dust when you live in the middle of farmland! Besides, I really don't like to clean, and I know I would become obsessed with keeping velvet beautiful. Instead, I'll admire your pictures!

The Sweetbrier Cottage said...

Even our pets enjoy the simple things in life. I love the picture of Kramer stretching with his front paws on the chair. How delightful!

The Pink Bird House said...

It seems that I have a lot of catching up to do on your lovely posts! The pets-on-velvet was just too perfect, all that lovely velvet furniture suits you! And what lucky pets to be able to lay about on such softness!

Your post on lace was really nice. I was very much into old laces during my bear making days, lace just seemed to go so well with the old fashioned bears. It makes me want to get out my box of lace pieces and enjoy them all over again.

Charm of Cherubs was so sweet. They are really big over here too, and I just love looking at all the different ones available. My sister inherited a pair of cherubs my mother always had hanging in the livingroom. I used to love them as a child.

And the post on the teacups! Oh, I love teacups too, and beautiful lovely shaped teapots. I especially loved the pink roses one painted a delicate pink on the inside too. How wonderful! Your photos were delightful.

I especially loved the photos of your home town. The palmetto, and those camillias, oh lovely! And the water front pictures, especially the one of the tabby walkway. It even has a fun name! Well, they all made me long for spring time here, for winter to be on its way, but even when it does arrive, we have nothing in town as lovely as what you have right now! What a fabulous place to live! Makes me wonder how it is that we drew our lots in life, and what it is that makes us live in one place and not another?? So many wonderful places in the world, not enough time to see them all in a life time!!

Marilyn said...

I love velvet too... & so do my kitties. Your kitty looks like our Max!! Great pics!
Love, Marilyn

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Ahhhh the lap of luxury.What a perfect way to spend a day all curled up on a lovely velvet settee, chair, throw... what ever they fancy.
The best part is when you sit and they climb onto your lap or curl up beside you... realizing that's what all that beautiful velvet is for.
xo Susan

Bumpkin Bears said...

awww look at them all, they look in 7th heaven against that velvet :) I'll have to give my kitties some velvet too. I loved seeing your walk around the neighbourhood, how beautiful the camillas are :) Can't wait for Spring to arrive here, I've got flower withdrawl :) Hugs, from Catherine and Mr Tibbles xx

Stephenie said...

I also love velvet. My animals lay on everything too.
I also loved that picture of Kramer stretching out, how cute is that.

lorhen82 said...

Your pets are adorable, and your velvet furniture is beautiful. I just love the photo of Kasey with her face between the pillow and the sofa arm....so cute! ~Lori

Draffin Bears said...

What a beautiful post ~ loved the velvet and luxurious chairs and your adorable pets.