Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birthday to a Tea!

A dear friend of mine turned twenty-one this week. In honor of this occasion I threw a tea to celebrate her birthday. (Hmmm...when I was twenty-one she wasn't even born yet-all of a sudden I am feeling a bit old:).
Her mother gave her roses.
The table was set with candles, fresh roses from the garden, and lots of goodies.
The menu included Vanilla Cranberry scones with homemade strawberry preserves, cheese, strawberries, grapes, and olive cream cheese spread with bagel chips. The strawberries were delicious!
Rose scented candles graced the coffee table in the living room (perhaps I should refer to it as a 'tea table' after all this was a tea party-lol)!
More fresh roses.
Guests had a choice of Paris tea blend from Harney & Sons or Apricot Vanilla tea.
Tea cups and white lace.
Happy Birthday Meagan!


Deanna said...

Absolutely stunning!
You certainly gave a lovely Tea.
How beautiful.

Awe, to be 21's embarrassing, but I barely remember being 21.


TattingChic said...

What a lovely thing to do for your friend! It looks like a lovely setting and delicious goodies, too! :)

Draffin Bears said...

What a beautiful birthday tea you put on for your friend.
Love everything the pretty roses and delicous eats, and the wonderful setting and cups and suacers.


The Pink Birdhouse said...

Kim, leave it to you to put on the loveliest spread for someone's birthday!! The table looked fabulous and you served up the most scrumptious sounding things, like vanilla cranberry scones. Oh my gosh, that must have been delicious!! (is my mouth watering over here or what!!).

Thanks so much for the wonderful comment on my first Friday town shoot out. It would be the perfect thing for you, cuz you so often love to shoot photos of your town. ANYONE can join in on the fun, just go to Patty's blog at and she has a complete list of all those that are now involved. It started out with just 2 women and now includes more then 40 I believe, from all over the world. I never got involved cuz knew that I could not get around town for the photos due to my surgery, but I have watched the whole fun thing evolve over time right from the beginning pics that those two girls posted. It is all just a lot of fun. No obligations to post every week if you don't want to. And each week there is a different theme, chosen by a different member each time. Anyway, if you are interested, just drop Patty a comment and voila, you are added to the list. I feel like I am traveling the world while working my way thru the list to check in on the blogs there and see what they had to offer. Anyway, thought I would let you know about it. I would be thrilled if you could join too!!!

so dear friend, I am so sorry that I have not been around to visit more often of late, but the days have been hectic with the big family event, which turned out just so lovely, everything falling into place perfectly. And my sister's short but sweet visit with me was exquisite. I would not have changed one second of our time together, it was that wonderful. I miss her terribly again now.

take care, hugs from here, Debby

Jodie LeJeune said...

Wow Mrs. Tea sure know how to give a party!

I love all of the details...your floral bowls, linens and's all so beautiful!

When I turn 21, or 31, I mean 41, would you throw me a tea party???

That was very sweet of you, they looked like they enjoyed it so!

[poor poor Kramer...]

everything vintage

crochet lady said...

Your friend has a treasure in you. So sweet of you to take the time to make her day special.

When I look back, the birthdays that I remember most are the ones, spent with loved ones and friends who took the time to treat me special.

I wish I could come and visit you. How I would enjoy a shared cup of tea.

Blessings, Jen

CottageBliss said...

What a lovely celebration you gave your friend! The layoout is gorgeous...I enlarged all the photo and just took my time looking at all your special touches.

Was that a table runner? Looked like organza with amazing fabric roses edging it.


Thanks for sharing,

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Everything looks so lovely! And you must share the recipe for those vanilla, cranberry scones, please.
Enjoy your Memorial Day.

The Sweetbrier Cottage said...

Exquisite! I wish I were there. I dare not think about when I was 21, it was a lifetime or two ago:) I'm happy that the birthday girl has such a wonderful friend.

Sandi said...

Lovely tea! Brings back memories of when I used to do teas! Have a wonderful day!

Michael823 said...

I seem to remember a special event shortly after your 21st birthday. We are looking forward to celebrating it with you this year.



PS: Thanks for remembering the bagel chips!

lorhen82 said...

What a lovely party you threw for your friend! Everything looks wonderful! ~Lori