Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beautiful Day

Today we visited one of the lovely neighboring towns with tree lined streets and cottages.
Dad and Ann added to my collection of flying pigs with this flying pig watering can. I found some lovely things; an old suitcase, vintage black gloves, powder box, eye glass case, and vintage lace.

The town was quaint. This old house is currently under rennovation.

The tree lined streets were surrounded with these lovely old homes which now housed shops and galleries.

Flowers bloomed in abundance.

Once we returned home we began dinner preparations-crab cakes...

and steamed clams.

A sour cream dill sauce complimented the crab cakes.
Lizzy waits under the bushes for crumbs to fall.

Kasey watches for falling crumbs.

Lizzy searches for fallen morsels.

Kasey and Calvin searching for crumbs.

Kasey and Lizzy pose for the camera:).
It was a lovely day of shopping and eating!


TattingChic said...

Oh, crab cakes sound delish!!! How absolutely yummy! Sounds like a lovely day...all around!

Anonymous said...

I love crab cakes also. That was a nice photo story. I love seeing the Tatting Chic blog. I was taught to tat years ago, but never did follow up with it. I learned to chrochet the same time and took to that real quick. Blessings

The Sweetbrier Cottage said...

Oh yum! Looks like you may be cooking when you come to visit:)

lorhen82 said...

I just love Lizzy! That shot of her under the bushes is adorable! What a lovely town you've taken us to! I like the photo you took of the purple flowers and how it's just a partial view...very artistic! ~Lori

June said...

Hi Kim,
Some lovely shots of your meanderings. And a perfect ending to a perfect day. Yum!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

What a fun day, I felt like I was right there with you enjoying all that shopping and finding of such lovely goodies! Then the thorough enjoyment of delicious crab cakes. You had my mouth watering for them over here, they looked so good in the pan. It has been ages since I have had the chance to eat crab cakes!! I love it when you share you outings with us, giving us a peek at what you found at little shops along the way, and you never fail to add in a great picture of an old home! I love the style of homes there, so different then here in my area. Best of all though was the very last picture - I LOVE that picture, it just put the biggest smile on my face!! Hope all is well there and almmost-summer weather is treating you good. Not too great here, but better stuff on the way to us!! sorry I have not been around of late, the days are just getting away from me. Thinking of you often though, Debby

crochet lady said...

You have so many great pics on your blog today! I don't know what to comment on first....I guess the flying pigs. You have a collection, how cool. That watering can is darling.

Sounds like you had a wonderful day and yummmy food. Those crab cakes looks to good. I don't know that I have ever had them, but would love to try them.

Your pets are so adorable!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

What a lovely day out you had.
I love the photos of your pets.


Stephenie said...

Just loved traveling with you to the neighboring towns... I love the sweet cottages...
Those crab cakes look so yummy..I haven't had on for so long..I might have to make some soon..Cause now you got me craving them...