Monday, June 1, 2009

Tea Prep

Kramer decided to help me prepare for this Saturday's tea party.
First he turned off the TV so that I could get started on all of the necessary preparations.
Then he helped me with the flower arrangements.
Then he sat on the box just looking cute:)
Here is a little poet-tea
Tea Leaves and Rose Petals

Velvety soft petals fall from a rose,
While tea leaves are steeping in a pot near the stove
Wanderings in my mind that sputter about
As tea flows luxuriously to my cup from the spout,
Tea leaves and rose petals are rather sublime,
When I stop for a moment to relax and unwind.

To the tray, to the porch, where I sit to enjoy
The fragrance of roses, the tea from my cup,
My mind wanders on with thoughts to employ,
While the melody of songbirds on the air does drift up.

What is it about the rose petals sweet,
Or the comforting feeling while sipping some tea?
Heaven knows that these things are kind blessings to me,
In a world filled with anxiety, stresses, and grief.

But just for the moment as I sit on the porch,
The soft petal roses send perfumed support,
While the tea warms my heart and relaxes my soul,
Reminding me each day belongs to the Lord.

BTW, if you would like to see some pictures of me as a wee little one please visit:


Jodie LeJeune said...

Wow!!!! Happy Birthday Friend!!!! You are so sneaky~
You didn't even tell us! Your Mom had to tell us all...(thank you Mom!)
You were/are sooooo precious Kim! No, you haven't changed a bit! Happy Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe you didn't tell us!

And the poem...did you write it? It's beautiful!!!!!

Oh my, what's wrong with me? I mentioned all this stuff before I acknowledged Kramer...please forgive me dear one!!!! Auntie Jodie says you're a big boy for helping Mom with her tea preparations!!!!

I just can't believe....

everything vintage

Anonymous said...

So this is a birthday party. How great. May I make a copy of the poem for my guests at my tea party Saturday? Are you the author? Happy birthday and happy getting ready for the party week.oh, and hello Kramer.

June said...

Hi Kim,
So that's why Kramer was so helpful. It's your birthday. Good kitty. The poem is lovely. Did Kramer help write that as well?

Deanna said...

Dear KIM,
God richly bless you with many more.

Checked out your cute you are! Childhood pictures are great.
Lovely poem.
Your kitty is a sweetie.


crochet lady said...

Happy Birthday Kim! Those pictures are just adorable. Love that smile you're sporting over the birthday cake, priceless.

Looking forward to the tea coming up. So does Kramer watch TV?

Andrea said...

Good morning, Kim! And Happy Birthday, dear friend!

Precious pictures of you! So sweet!

I left something for you on my blog. Please, come and see.



Sweet Old Vintage said...

Happy Birthday and maybe I need to borrow Cramer. He seems to like to get the house in order for the tea.

Stephenie said...

That little Kramer is such a big help!!! I just love that poem, it's so sweet..Thanks for sharing it with us...By the way Happy Birthday....

Draffin Bears said...

Wishing you the happiest of birthday's Kim!
I loved to see the photos of you as little girl ~ how sweet.

Kramer is a great help and would be good to have around the house.

I love your poem.

Hope that you have a happy birthday month!


lorhen82 said...

Lovely poem, and weren't you a little cutie??? Now then...a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! I agree with Jodie...that was pretty sneaky not to let us know! I hope Kramer helped you celebrate! ~Lori

Michael823 said...

Those pictures brought back memories!!! I forgot how cute you were.



Anonymous said...

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