Saturday, June 6, 2009

Official Tea Party Pictures!

Well the party was great fun but unfortunately some of the pictures are a bit fuzzy (I think I had too much tea).
Stuffed strawberries with mint leaf garnishes.
Blueberry and Cranberry scones with strawberry preserves.
Olive dip with crackers, pineapple, and cookies.
Cucumber sandwiches and salmon spread on rye in foreground.
Crazy Tina in the kitchen with hubby, the tea party crasher:).
The gang's all here-I can't believe all of these people fit in our tiny living room (there are few more not in the picture)!
Janeen and Marcie getting some goodies:).
Hmmm...didn't I just chase hubby out?
After a very enjoyable afternoon of friendship and tea it was time for the guests to leave. Lizzy sadly watches them as they depart.
I want to thank everyone who participated in today's blog tea party! For all of my co-hostesses a very special thank you! You all hosted beautiful parties and I am so glad to have taken tea with so many amazing and talented woman. You are all very special ladies.
For those of you who took the time to visit the blog tea party-thank you for visiting and I hope to blog with you again:).
God Bless!


Michael823 said...

WOW, it looks like you had a wonderful time!! I also noticed that you appear to be getting hubby gray faster than you're getting me gray, I love it!!!

See you in a week!!!



Becca said...

Lovely! looks like you had a beautiful day!

crochet lady said...

I just didn't have time for a fancy tea party this week, so it was just a simple afternoon tea at home.

I wish I could have really been to yours. You had so many wonderful goodies!

Deanna said...

Kim, Your table spread is beautiful and I'm sure everyone attending had a delightful time.

So glad we did this virtual tea party!


Anonymous said...

Kim, all I can say is I am so happy that I got to be part of this beautiful affair. All week you have inspired and caused my brain cells to be reawakened and revitalized. Just what I needed to get me interested again in all the beautiful things in life. It is a true ministry to bring beauty forward to honor Our Lord by helping others to see and feel the beauty of life.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

What a feast fit for a King.
Your food looks great and what a happy time your friends must have had.

Thank you so much for letting me share in your tea party.

Have a great week

June said...

Wow Kim, a wonderful tea you have put on here. It looks like all your friends had a great time. And the famous 'tea party crasher' and furry friends, as well. What a lovely spread!

lorhen82 said...

You had a great tea party! Sorry I couldn't join you on my blog, but I was with you in spirit. I just adore that photo of precious!!! ~Lori

TattingChic said...

What a fabulous tea party! I cannot blame your hubby for wanting to crash! Look at all that great food! LOL!


Geralyn Gray said...

The food and company looked marvelous!!!!

Stephenie said...

What a yummy spread...Everyone looked like they had fun...Lots of smiling faces..

Miss Sandra said...

What a lovely tea party. The setting was beautiful and what a feast for the palate!! Everything looked yummy. So happy it went very well.
As with all my teas, I'm sad to see everyone go, but even sadder when I face the clean-up. :)I hope your clean-up was easy. You have a beautiful home. Thank you for sharing your party with us.

Sharon said...

Hi Kim,
I am so happy I found this and was able to participate. However, being new to blogland, I guess I wasn't quite clear on the concept! I had a real tea party and then had to go out so I didn't post my photos until late last night. I'm sad I missed out on visiting each tea party during the day. No matter, it was a wonderful day and I've enjoyed visiting each one this morning. It really was so much fun and truly a feast for the eyes. Thanks to Kramer too - it would not have been the same without him!


English Cottage in Georgia said...

What a wonderful tea party - looks as if everyone (even hubby) had sooo much fun :-).
It has been an absolute delight discovering and reading your blog. You are going to my favorites. Cheers 'til the next tea!

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

WOW! You had a real party :) A wonderful party with a big crowd.

Thank you for hosting :)


Piney Rose said...

Kim, the party was just lovely! I want to thank you for inviting me!