Monday, July 13, 2009

Love is in the Air at Pinckney Plantation

Saturday evening we attended a wedding reception at Pinckney Plantation.
The area around the original house has been developed. One of the new homes peaks through the moss draped trees from across the pond.
Pinckney Plantation, c. 1726

Tabby walls with brick fireplace (notice the design in the brick).

Palm fronds soften the ancient tabby walls.

The front porch welcomes you with wicker furniture and gorgeous views of the water (the water views will be posted later:).

Brick stairs lead inside. Let's go in and have a look around.

The front parlor boasts it's original fireplace and wood floors.

Sun rays filter through the side window.

Fresh flowers grace the center table.

A trap door at the base of the stairs with a winding staircase leading upstairs.
The trap door conjured up all kinds of stories:).

The stairs were very complex. Here is a view from the second floor.

The third floor hall window looks out over the grounds and waterway.

Back downstairs this window overlooks a lovely garden area (more pictures of the gardens to be shared in a later post).

Another original mantel
(this room had a chocolate fountain with fruit set-up. Needless to say the ladies spent a good deal of time here:).
Come back tomorrow and see more of the gardens and the amazing views of the water at Pinckney Plantation!


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Love the tour. Will be back tomorrow.....

Anonymous said...

Indeed a lovely place. I will be back tomorrow. Reminds me I have planned a post on some plantations I visited in New Orleans. Love the South. Blessings

Paula said...

Dear Kim,

Thank you so much for sharing the lovely photos of Pinckney Plantation! I love old homes! It is such a beautiful place, I look forward to seeing more.

Love, Paula

TattingChic said...

Wow, that plantation is lovely! It looks like such a beautiful place to host a wedding reception. Thanks for sharing! :)

June said...

Hi Kim,
What a lovely plantation house and grounds. I love how thick the walls were in these early homes. The moss covered trees are almost eerie. A wonderful tour.
Thank you for your lovely message. Such a lovely compliment that you would even use this garden as an inspiration. Made my day for sure.

Deanna said...

Enjoyed these pics of the Plantation.
Still a lovely place to visit.


crochet lady said...

What a great place to have a wedding! Thanks for sharing the photos. I love seeing places like that.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

What a delightful place Pinckney Plantation is and such a lovely venue to host a wedding.
Old homes have such charm and appeal.
Thank you for sharing.

Enjoy your week

Jodie LeJeune said...

What a beautiful place! Whew those stairs would be mighty scary especially after a little wine! ;)
I can't wait until tomorrow to see the rest!!!!!
everything vintage

Anonymous said...

I'm in love..... Ah-h-h-h-h....