Friday, July 31, 2009

Kramer Chronicles-Somewhere Over the Rainbow there is a Frog!

Come with me for a glimpse into Kramer's morning.
Kramer watching me as I post on the blog:).

Kramer is a water-obsessed cat. He loves to play and watch water. Here he is playing in the tub...

when all of a sudden a bird outside the window catches his eye.

He runs to get a closer look!

Oooo...birds dining at the birdfeeder outside the window!

Kramer watches as the bird flies away.
(In case you haven't noticed the bathroom design was done with Kramer in mind. The window sills were made larger so he could sit comfortably and look outside. The bird feeder and bird bath were placed within view so he could bird watch and a comfy stool sits beside the tub for resting or watching:).
By now you're probably wondering why rainbows and frogs were mentioned in the post title...
We had some heavy thunder storms that resulted in a beautiful rainbow over Terra Cottage later in the evening.

Once the storm subsides Kramer gets up from his evening nap and stretches...

while a frog on the outside of the French door looks inside.

The frog stretches too:).

Kramer spies the frog (and wonders what mom is doing outside with the camera).

Kramer gets a closer look...

but loses interest quickly.
So much for the evening of frog watching!
I would like to thank David Mcmahon for nominating 'Good Morning from Terra Cottage' for his 'Post of the Day'! I am truly honored:).
Please visit David's blog as well as the other wonderful blogs mentioned at his blogspot!
Happy blogging! (Of course my froggy friend above would like to wish everyone 'happy frogging' too:).


Deanna said...

Kramer is such a pretty cat.
I'm surprised he didn't try to pounce the frog until getting it. Ha Ha.
Cats are alot of fun to watch.
Especially love kittens.

I meant to ask you if your header is part of your home? Sure is beautiful.
Blessings to you and may you have a relaxing week-end,

Paula said...

Dear Kim,

Kramer is so sweet! I love when you share photos of him and your sweet doggies! I think it is wonderful that you had the window sills made larger in the bathroom so he could sit atop them and see the bird feeder. Your photos are lovely.

Congratulations on having your blog post featured!

Have a lovely weekend!
Love, Paula

June said...

Hi Kim,
A cat that loves water! That is one cool cat. I get easily bored watching frogs too, so I totally get Kramer's indifference.
Congrats on the honor and thank you for the link.

crochet lady said...

Kramer is such a character! The photo of him in the tub was a surprise. Did you have water in there?

I like tree frogs. That little fellow is nice and bright.

Jodie LeJeune said...

My gosh I've missed some posts! I'm still scrolling down and with much delight to see my little furry man. Is that his rubber duckie in the bath tub??? Too cute! I knew there was something sexy about Kramer...a man who loves water with a feminine side! ;)
My gosh...are the dogs jealous of Kramer's attention???? Poor little things...
everything vintage

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

What a lovely post.
I am surprised that Kramer likes water. Most of our cats really hated to be bathed.
Nice that he has a big windowsill to bird watch.

Congratulations on having your blog featured.

Enjoy your weekend