Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reflections of Patriotic Scenes

Last weekend I house-sat for some friends downtown. I took a stroll through town and enjoyed the patriotic displays on several homes.
A flag waving in the warm summer breezes is reflected in this stained glass door.

One of the historic homes overlooking the Bay displays a large flag from the second floor verandah.

Further down the street this flag drapes its stars and stripes.

A flag flies proudly from the side yard of this house.
Even hotel banisters were draped in patriotic spirit.

View of the bridge from Cannon Park.

A welcoming porch proudly sports its patriotic spirit.

Patriotic and pink!
Stop in tomorrow and join me for more of my downtown summer stroll:).


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I liked that. That is a good idea. The tour I mean. I was at the Grand Hotel in Michigan and I have never seen so may flags. They are there all the time. I will look up those pictures.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Hi Kim, I don't know how you do it, but just by showing us some pictures from your town, simple scenes of this and that, you make me want to hop on the next plane out of here that is headed in your direction and come see it all for myself!! Loved seeing those american flags hung for the holiday! Makes me remember who I am when ever I see the red-white-and blue!! so sorry that I have not been around of late, I have been missing everyone!! Even when I don't post, I am thinking of you and wondering how your days are going this summer. a thought and a hug from here, Debby

lorhen82 said...

That reflection in the stained glass door is just awesome! Great photography, Kim! ~Lori

Deanna said...

Enjoyed this tour of Patriotic sites to see.
We live in a wonderful country. Will be praying it stays that way.

TattingChic said...

What a nice neighborhood you live in! Or downtown area you have in your town! The photos are nice, thanks for sharing! I look forward to the next "walk" with you! :)

Sweet Old Vintage said...

I love the stained glass with the flag reflecting... Beautiful...

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I never tire of patriotic displays. Thanks for sharing these!

crochet lady said...

Great flags! I love it when people have flags flying.

Paula said...

Hello dear Kim,

Thank you for sharing these beautiful patriotic scenes and historical homes! I love old homes! I look forward to seeing more. Thank you for sharing!

Love, Paula

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

Beautiful homes and photos you shared with us. You must live in a wonderful
Loved the tour ~ thank you.


Piney Rose said...

Love these pics!

Andrea said...

Oh, so pretty! And I love the glimpses of the low country!

Thank you for blessing us with this beautiful tour!

You are a dear friend, and I appreciate you and your prayers.

God bless,


Rosalind Nzinga Nichol (PAPER GIRL) said...

Hi Kim:

Simply love the photos of those beautiful homes... and the stain glass window is just a work of art. Thanks for sharing.