Monday, July 27, 2009

Dog Days of Summer!

Yup, the dog days of summer are here! It is miserably hot outside and our dog Kasey does not tolerate the heat very well. Therefore she spends a good deal of time enjoying the cool air conditioning indoors...
"Back scratch fever..." (sung to the tune of "Cat Scratch Fever":).

Oops, missed a spot! it!

Smiling Kasey...

happy Kasey...

silly Kasey.

Talk to the paw!

Laughing Kasey...

grinning Kasey.

Enough with the photo's time to groom the fur!

Content, well groomed, Kasey.

Demur Kasey.

Now that you have shared in Kasey's 'summer inside the air conditioned house during the dog days of summer' escapades she bids you a good day:).


Paula said...

Dear Kim,

Kasey is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!! She reminds me of our sweet Pearl. Pearl laughs and smiles, too. She has been spending most of her time in the air condition as well, though she still likes to run out and chase a squirrel! It is very hot and humid here, yuk! I suppose that is the good ol' south for you! :) I love all these precious photos of your sweet Kasey. Give her a kiss and hug from Pearl and I, and tell her we bid her good day! Thank you so much for sharing. Kasey put a smile on my face as well as my son's!

Love, Paula

Guess what the word verification is?

refined.... I would say that fits your 'Victorian Parlor" perfectly! :)

crochet lady said...

Oh gosh, that's terribly funny! Did Kasey take lessons from Kramer in hamming it up for photo ops?

June said...

Hi Kim,
Kasey is one pampered pooch,and a big ham. I love the laughing photo.
Keep cool Kasey!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear Kim,
Kasey is sooooo darling! Pour girl, le canicule as we say in French is far from us here in Minnesota; we have had thee most wonderful, cool summer with temps hovering in the high 70s! I don't know what this means for winter however....thanks for coming to visit my lavender dreams! I think I am back in business for blogging again---what an experience being locked up with just my thesis paper and me....too lonely!! Take care dear one, Anita

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

Kasey is a sweet dog and loved the photos.
Animals often do not like the heat and glad that Kasey can enjoy the air conditioned house.


Jodie LeJeune said...

ah ha! Finally...the woofs get the attention! Kasey...she's a doll I tell ya! She's a ham too! Those animals, I mean little furries must not recognize you without a camera in front of your face!
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