Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Silly Summer Days

They say that the glass is always greener...
on the pantry shelf.
The heat of summer is here and therefore we must find ways to entertain ourselves in the cool of the indoors when afternoon temps excede 100 degrees.
At the shop we decided that perhaps some squash charades might do the trick.
Here is Lisa (shop owner) giving us a lot of bull!

Here she portrays a telephone operator,
'one ringy dingy, two ringy dingy'
(if you are laughing at this then your age is showing:)!

Even Mr. Squirrel outside of the shop window was intrigued as he perches on a Palmetto tree to get a better look.

He studies us and then decides to join in on the game of charades...

'Beam me up Scotty.'

Even the dogs are getting a bit lazy in this heat, lounging around on all of the sofa cushions.
Calvin is snoozing on one side while...

Lizzy snoozes on the other side.

Kasey chooses her own spot on the chair cushion.

Of course, Kramer is too cool so he's not feelin' the heat as he does the Kramer crouch on the spare bedroom bed.

Stay cool y'all!


Queenmothermamaw said...

I love that idea. The squash was great. Thank goodness it's not that hot here yet. Sip the lemonade and sweet tea. Blessings

lorhen82 said...

I guess my age is showing, because I totally got the 'one ringy-dingy' reference! But I was only a kid when that was popular! ~Lori

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

Fun post!
Me too - I am showing my age here.
I used to work in a telephone switchboard with the old corded telephones.

Stay cool and hope that it is not too hot for you and the pets.


Deanna said...

Luv this green glass. Truly beautiful. So pretty. I can see a whole table set with this.

Thank you for the prayers for my tall son and his family. Greatly appreciate this.


June said...

Cute squash jokes. I think the heat is getting to you all.

Debra said...

"Is this the party to whom I am speaking?" Yes "Lilly" I am laughing.

Love the green glass! Also thanks for the heads up on Edith Wharton in Victoria Mag. I will have to go get this issue. (Also love the movie Ethan Frohm with Liam Neilson, sad but good)

Paula said...

Dear Kim,

What a delightful and funny post! Love the green glass! I can see you have a lot of fun at the antique store!

It is quite hot here, too! Pearl sleeps on the couch most of the day, unless she spots a squirrel. She would love your squirrel photos! Those were so cute! Speaking of cute, Calvin, Lizzy Casey, and Kramer are all so adorable!!!! What on earth would we do without our furry babies?!

Have a blessed day,
Love, Paula

crochet lady said...

Love your green glass ware. It was cool here today only mid 70's. Cute pictures!

TattingChic said...

Alright, vegetable charades! That's a new one! LOL! That green glassware is lovely!

Love the goodies in your previous post, too! :)