Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cemetery Stroll-Part 3-Memories in Stone

As we stroll through the cemetery today we will look at the unique stone memorials, a tribute to those who have gone on before us.

Brick walkways meander through the stone gardens.
For more than two centuries footsteps have echoed along these brick pathways. The shadows of ancient oaks and cedar trees dapple the walkway.
There is a mystique in this old graveyard of history and family, of God and country.
Some monuments tower above those around them.
Sunshine lights the way through this corner of the cemetery.
A delicately carved rose bedecks this headstone.
Some graves are surrounded by walls worn by time, weather, and war.
This gravesite sits beneath an age old crepe myrtle.
Supposedly when the church served as a hospital during the Civil War some of the horizontal gravestones were used as operating tables.
Time washed headstones,
oranately carved gravestones,

headstones of families grouped together,
even tiny tombstones.
A section of tabby wall still remains.
This mosoleum looks like a sunken house with a grass roof.
Some of the gravesites in this churchyard date back to the early 18th century inscribed with the history of the person buried below. Thanks for spending the past few days strolling through my favorite cemetery.
Do you have a favorite cemetery?


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

I have been through many a cemetery for research and though I favor the tiny churchyard ones where my beloved ancestors have been laid to rest there is one which moved me to my very soul.
Gettysburg PA. is the most sacred ground I have ever stood upon.The vastness and numbers of those who perished here is staggering.When you walk amongst the stones lined row on row, you just may think you hear Abraham Lincoln's voice presenting his address wondering if he ever realized how deep and thought-provoking his words would remain.Thank you for sharing a part of your hometown's history.
xo Susan

The Pink Bird House said...

Kim, your tour is just WONDERFUL, especially part 2 with all the fantastic flowers. Well I don't have the beach sand under my feet but you have given me the tropical flowers that I have so been longing for in my post today!! The photos are just spectacular! I can not get enough of seeing the camillas and all the other colorful blossoms. The one photo where the flower is growing on the grave site itself reminds me of the grave sites here, there are flowers planted on them and they are always well cared for by the families. They are little gardens within themselves! And the old gravestones in Part 3, oh it brings back so many wonderful happy memories of my parents and me when I was a child and our many trips to mid-western cemetaries looking for our family ancestors! My mother was tracing our genealogy, and we visited many cemetaries looking for names on the stones. There was always a peaceful feel to the places, almost a comfort being there, and I enjoyed those times. Your post brought back those memories to me, and I thank you for them! I like the comments that you wrote for each of your pictures. What a lovely way with words you have! Take care and have a lovely day. Debby

The Rustic Victorian said...

Wonderful photos, I love taking my camera to grave yards. It is so relaxing there.

Jodie LeJeune said...

I'm in Heaven...literally! It was such a beautiful stroll and the head stones? Just fascinating!

However...I would have been thrown out immediately as I read the sign upon entering: Stay on the brick path (never could have done that) & No gravestone rubbings (I came loaded with paper and charcoal!)

Kidding aside, I just LOVED my visit to your hometown cemetery. Thank you for taking me along.

(but I really don't think you stayed on the designated path either, did you?)

everything vintage

Stephenie said...

I just love this 3 part post. I still can't believe the beauty. I love seeing the stone....What a beatiful place for families to vistit their loved ones. I truly just admire your photography....This is one of the things I love about blogging, seeing such beautiful places, that you have never seen before...

June said...

I have enjoyed todays tour of this beautiful old cemetery. When I visited the Arlington cemetary I felt a great reverence there and an appreciation to all those who have died defending our country. It was an amazing day just by myself in the quietness of that place. Another cemetery I love to visit is a little family plot next to some property we own up in the hills about 20 miles from where I live. It's surrounded by a iron fence and it's about a fourth the way up the mountain. Only the family and a hired man who died of botulism from eating tainted food. I think of this family, buried so far from anywhere with no one to visit them but me. I love my hikes to this place. Thankyou for taking me along with you again.

Draffin Bears said...

Thank you once again for the stroll through the Cemetery.
I do love all the headstones and as you said some are eleborate and others are plain. Also that time and the weather can ravage the stone.
I like also to see the dates and I see that there was an 1867 date.

thanks again for sharing your walk with us.


lorhen82 said...

Well as you know from my blog, I love Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Your photos are great, and the cemetery is so awesome! Thanks for giving us the tour! ~Lori

TattingChic said...

Beautiful photos! I love how you broke your photo essay up into 3 parts! Well done! :)

Gosh, I sound like a teacher, don't I? Didn't mean to, LOL!