Sunday, March 29, 2009

Show Remnants

It was an exhausting but enjoyable weekend. The antiques show was successful with many treasures finding new homes while others returned to the shops. Here are just a few more pictures of some of the treasures at the show.

This lovely old clock has faux marble painted accents with porcelain cherubs on each side.

This large needlepoint wallhanging had to be photographed in two pictures.

It has both petit point and needlepoint work and pictures a cherub placing a ring on the woman's finger while the other cherubs hold a flowing vale.
This beautiful grandfather clock is c. 1850 with a handpainted face featuring roses and Neptune.

Close up of the clock face.

This ornate silver tea service was by Gorham.

Thanks again for joining me at the show:) Remember to support your local antiques stores and Go Green-Buy Antiques!


Stephenie said...

I'm so in love with that silver tea set..Just so beautiful.. All the clocks are just amazing, I just love the grandfather clock....That needle point is stunning.

TattingChic said...

What lovely things! I love the two clocks and the silver tea set! So lovely! Thanks for sharing! :)

crochet lady said...

I really like the needle point picture. Old things are best!

Draffin Bears said...

Oh how beautiful ~ I love the both clocks.
My Grandfather used to have a lot of old clocks and they would all be ticking away loudly in every room.

Your job must be wonderful, seeing all these wonderful treasures.


Andrea said...

Everything is so beautiful! I especially love the clocks. I have an old grandfather clock that is not in good shape. It needs repairing. The face is even falling apart. Seeing the one from this antiques fair makes me want to get mine fixed. We bought it from a church member years ago and have never done anything with it. Thank you for taking us to the antiques fair with you. Blessings!


Martha said...

My first visit to your site. I love things Victorian . . . what great treasures. And we bought green before it was called "buying green"!

The Pink Bird House said...

Hi Kim, I am a bit behind in visiting all my favorite blogs!! I see that i have missed some lovely things again. The photos of items from the antiques show are just great again, I especially love the large needlepoint! My mother and her sister were dedicated needlepointers and our home was filled with lovely hand-stitched pictures. My aunt took her talent one step further and would use vacation photos, enlarge them to draw them on a needlepoint canvas, and then stitch her favorite places in needlepoint and petitepoint! They were wonderful. And that Gorham silver tea service! I have a soft spot for tea services ever since Auntie gave me a Gorham set for my wedding present!

Your sunday wisdom is GOLDEN!! Another one that I marked so that I can save it. We all should remember that one, guarding our mouth and tongue to avoid calamity!! Well said!!

hope that you are enjoying a fun-filled and totally "foolish" April Fool's Day, dear friend. thank you for all your warm, friendly and witty comments left on my posts! Something seems as if it is missing when I don't see your name there. :-) hugs, Debby

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Wow, that needlepoint scene is lovely! I used to needlepoint when "my eyes" were younger! I nearly destroyed them doing a small brooch in petit point!!! I agree with going green and buying antiques. Lovely display! Anita

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

I was just out shopping on the weekend to support my local antique stores :) I agree . . . it is a green option :) Lovely items in your photos. Karen