Saturday, March 14, 2009

More of the Kramer Chronicles

I have received so many wonderful comments about Kramer that I decided to share his story. Kramer is a feral cat (who thinks he is a dog-you'll understand by the end of this post).
Almost two years ago on a rainy April night we heard the cries of a kitten outside of our bedroom window. When we went to investigate the kitten had disappeared so we left some food out for it.
A couple of nights later we caught a glimpse of him eating on the front porch but any noise sent him running.
The nights were still cool and on more than one occasion we would see Kramer jumping out from our car engines in the mornings (we would have to check under the hood of our cars before starting them every morning to make sure he wasn't in the engine trying to keep warm).
We continued leaving food and water on the porch for him and watching him from inside our house. He was a little black and white ball of fluff:)
Finally after a month we borrowed a humane trap so we could catch him, get him veterinary care, and then find him a good home. It only took one time and he was caught (this was early June).
However, after we took him to the vet (quite a feat since he was feral) we contacted the local humane societies. Because of the time of year they were inundated with kittens. We would have to foster him. This was a task as he had ringworm. So he lived in our bathroom for nearly a month while we cared for his ringworm, got him used to people, and searched for a good home.
Little did we know that God had already found him a good home:) Kramer (named for the Seinfeld character because his ringworm made his hair crazy and because he tends to enter rooms sideways like Kramer) has only been exposed to our dogs and seems to think that he too is a dog.
Needless to say, Kramer is quite the character.


June said...

I am so glad he found such a great home. He is such a beauty and I bet you can't imagine life without him now.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh...God cares even for the creatures, doesn't He? Kramer is a blessed kitty! Thank you for coming to the opening of La Diva! You will have a chance to write the ending and win a give-away! I just wish I could get better results on my camera, but oh well, I am having fun! Blessings to you always, Anita

sepiadreams said...

Kramer sounds amazing! I love his name and now that I know why he was named that-it befits him well....Love Tiina..

Jodie LeJeune said...

Awesome story, he couldn't have found a better home and better best furry friends!
everything vintage

TattingChic said...

What a sweet story! How kind of you to take in a feral cat. I have read blogs about the work people put into the car and domestication of feral cats and it is a lot of work and very admirable! I'm glad that Kramer is in good health now and has a nice home. He sounds like a sweetie.

I used to have a kitty that thought he was a dog, too! He LOVED to play fetch with red pom-poms! He also loved to lay on his back so I would rub his belly with my foot...just like a dog would, LOL! It was so funny! :)

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

What a great Kitti story...thanks for sharing. He reminds me alot of my Stinker.

lorhen82 said...

I love how Kramer got his name! He sounds like a real character, and judging by the photos, I'd say he has the run of the house! =)

Draffin Bears said...

Bless you for looking after and taking the cat in to your home ~what a lovely story and thank you for being so kind.

He looks like a great cat and I laughed when you said about his mad hair and coming in the door sideways.
I used to laugh everytime I saw Kramer do that.

Enjoy your week