Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kramer Chronicles-The Protest

Kramer in protest mode.

I am starting this post in the dining room, one of Kramer's favorite hang-outs. Note the rather large dining table below as this is where the story begins. We have a very small dining room (10x10) so the large pub table fit nicely and provided a place for Kramer to relax or chase dogs (he runs from end to the other chasing the dogs as they walk past). The chair at the end of the table is where Kramer plays with his favorite toy which he enjoys greatly.
The large pub dining room table.

Kramer wrapped around the table leg batting his toy hanging from the chair.

He halts when he realizes he is being photographed.

Alas, he can only contain himself for a brief moment and then returns to batting the toy mouse.

For Christmas he received a second mouse on a string on a pole which hung from one of the side chairs. Occasionally he would batt this one around instead.

Of course, after an exhausting day of playing and napping he would rest on the table.

More rest time.
More rest time (ok, he's a cat-he rests a lot:).

Now for the drastic event when we cruelly rearranged his environment.

This is our new dining table. It is a library table that actually pulls out to the size of our old dining table. This table was a great find as it provides a great deal of space when not in use but can fold out when we have guests for dinner. At one point when we were considering the change we actually said-'what about Kramer? He's used to the larger table.' But then we realized he would adjust and we made the switch. Hmmm, little did we know...

He hates the new table! Won't get near it, won't lay on it, won't play with his toys at the base of it. Nope-nothing. He walks around it, walks by it but will have nothing to do with it. I've tried rattling the little toy mouse. He comes running but then sees the new table and walks away.

The mouse just hangs here, un-played with.
Notice Kramer bathing himself BESIDE the table as if to say 'I refuse to use you.'
A quick sniff of the toy ('boy, it sure is tempting but I mustn't give in-I must stand firm and protest the table swap that my bad people have made-I'll just sniff the toy-I will not play!')

'Forget it! I turn my nose up at that table! I will have nothing to do with it!'

'I'm walking away now!'

So this is where we are at present. Kramer refuses to lay on the table or play with his toys near the table. I have moved the chairs around, I've rattled the toys, but to no avail. He will have nothing to do with it. It is a battle of wills and little does he know that we will prevail as the old table is now for sale in the antique shop.

I am 'tabling' this post for now but will update you as the situation progesses...


The Sweetbrier Cottage said...

Beautiful table! I love the carved legs. Kramer will come around, it will just take the right enticement:)

Jodie LeJeune said...

Poor Poor dare you do this to this poor little cat??? tee hee!

This just goes to show everyone how spoiled our little furry children are!!! They think they own US. Well, mine does at least!

Have a great weekend!
everything vintage the new table! and the mirror over your buffet too!

The Pink Bird House said...

What a precious story this week about Kramer!! Cats can be like that, not liking change, refusing to accept new things. I some times wonder what makes them that way, when in turn dogs seem so willing to accept the new, are even curious about it and will embrace the changes in life. (be it a new bed for them, new furniture in the house, etc.). You gotta love cats anyway though, they are just so special, especially one with such a winning personality as Kramer!

I love your diningroom windows!! And your new table is exquisite! You are just the absolute perfect owner of a library table in your diningroom, it suits!!

have a great weekend, and thank you so much Kim for all your thoughts and prayers sent our way today over the terrible scare that we had here.

Fete et Fleur said...

I'ma so sorry for Kramer, but what a gorgeous table! I can see why you couldn't pass it up.


Draffin Bears said...

Oh what a sweet post.
I love your beautiful dinning room and table, windows, mirror and the cabinet. All looks so delightful.

So sorry Kramer is not happy with the changes ~ I do hope that he will get over all this soon, so he can go back to playing with his mouse again and be happy once more.

Have a great weekend

crochet lady said...

I really like your new table. The dips around the ends are nice. I like old furniture, it has so much character. Too bad Kramer does think so, maybe it will grow on him.

I miss having cats. My hubby is not a cat lover, but I'm holding out for someday in the future if we find the right one.

Stephenie said...

I just love your new table..Your diningroom is so pretty.. I love it..
That Kramer is just to cute... What fun pictures you got of him...

June said...

This post was so much fun to read. Love your table and your Kramer.

Andrea said...

I love your new table! It's beautiful! A very nice find! And your dining room is so pretty! So sorry Kramer isn't happy. Bless his heart. Maybe he'll adjust in time. Many blessings to you!


lorhen82 said...

Kim, you have such a lovely home and so many wonderful pieces of furniture. I love the pub table and the library table. And Kramer...well, I guess he'll have to deal! ~Lori