Saturday, March 7, 2009

From Sunrise to Moonrise

An early morning greeted me as I drove to Charleston to attend a computer class as part of my recertification. I could not resist taking my trusty camera with me so that I could capture some of God's beauty along the way.

Shimmering hints of pink glow on the water's glassy surface as the sun prepares to greet the day.
The perfect spot to watch the sunrise.
Live oak tree branches reach out to welcome a new day.
Further down the road I pulled over to catch a picture of the sun bursting forth into the morning.
The sun's rays ripple across the morning sky.
Unbeknownst to me a package from a treasured friend awaited my return home:)
The treasures from Tiina at Dream in Cream Blogspot arrived today. What a wonderful surprise to return to after spending the day at a computer class:) Thank you Tiina!
Ok, so there is this really great antique store on the way home that I stopped to brouse through after the computer class (it's very important to help support the economy:). I found a few trinkets; a large antique cup and saucer, large sugar bowl, rose bedecked tea pot, china trivet, a lovely book on Victorian gardens, and a vintage postcard in black and white. All of these treasures were great deals (I spent $40 for everything-I'll be posting pictures from the antique store in a few days).
On the road again, I stopped to photograph this wonderful old Texaco station that has been beautifully preserved. It's one of my favorite sights along the way.
Another favorite spot further down the road of an old bait shop along the water's edge.
The sun began it's descent while the moon prepared to appear.
Just after crossing the bridge the sun waved it's goodnight in an array of pinks and oranges while the moon came up in the distance.

A very long but fullfilling day blessed by God.


crochet lady said...

What wonderful snap shots of God's paintings.

The Sweetbrier Cottage said...

What a glorious day! Thanks for taking the time to share the beauty with us.

Paula said...

Thank you so much for sharing your day with us. What breathtaking photographs! Oh, how fortunate you were to see such beauty along your journey. I adore the photo of the old Texaco station! And what treasures you found! I agree on the importance of supporting the economy. I, too, am feeling the call of the antique stores. Of course, my husband always suggests that when I feel that call, to visit our storage room. Someday I'm going to have to take a photo to post on here. So much stuff that there's barely a path cleared to get from one side of the room to the other. Perhaps he has a point... ;-)

Have a wonderful evening!

Andrea said...

Beautiful pictures! They reminded me of our days in the low country. We used to live near Savannah. Thank you for sharing those. Have a great Sunday. God bless.

The Pink Bird House said...

What wonderful photos, and what a fabulous place you live in!! It is trully breath-taking. No wonder why you love it so much there. And you captured those sunrise and sunsets perfectly with your camera!! Thank you so much for sharing with us. We have a lot of rain here this weekend, but your pictures allowed me a bit of sunshine in my life after all!! Have a good Sunday. Debby

Sweet Repose said...

I popped over from Sisters' Garden, I too am a friend of Theresa', she just visited me last week, what a blast we had.

I too love the Victorian look, but my little pink shack takes a more Bohemian path, more like Scarlet Ohara meets Magnolia Pearl, but it's a fun path I'm dedicated to. I take chipped and worn to new heights, but elegance ever so gently takes the stage.

Love your sunrise/sunsets, it's a grand stage to be sure!


TattingChic said...

Such lovely photos! Thanks for sharing. I loved getting your perspective on one day. :)

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

If you are so close to Charleston do you ever participate in the garden and house tour? It is listed in this issue of Victoria magazine and I know you would love it.
Your photos are lovely, the next best thing to being there.

sepiadreams said...

Glad they arrived!!! Love the photos of your trip.....Hugzzz...Tiina...

lorhen82 said...

Your photos are beautiful! That old gas station is so awesome! And what great treasures you got from Tiina! I'm glad you had such a lovely day! ~Lori

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my blog. Your blog is beautiful. I just love that Texeco rare.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Beautiful pictures of your day! Thanks for taking us along! You could have just dropped me off on the little bench near the river and I'd have been just fine all day!
I love your goodies from Dream in Cream...I'm so jealous! Your story was the best!!!!!
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