Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Work I Go...

Good morning! Let's get some light in here so we can ready for the day ahead!
I'll boil some water for tea.
I think the Paris blend from Harney & Sons is a good choice this morning.
Oatmeal for breakfast with cinnamon and cloves.
Once breakfast is finished it's time to get a little blogging in before work. Lizzy has other ideas-she thinks she should be petted instead.
She'll have to settle for a kiss on the head:).
She thought that blog post was pretty funny!
She's having a hard time seeing this one so she gets a little closer.
Maybe if we sit back and squint we can see it better.
Oops, the time has gotten away from me and it's time to leave for work!
It's a beautiful morning as I cross the bridge.
Yes, I am driving and photographing at the same time (Is that a DWP? You know driving while photographing?). I simply roll down the window, keep my eyes on the road, and snap pictures with my other hand. Aren't Point and Shoot cameras great:).
WooHoo! I'm caught by the stoplight! Now I can look at what I am photographing!
The sunrays are stretching far across the water as I drive.
Blue skies hint at a lovely day ahead (and probably a hot one too:).
Come with me tomorrow and we'll visit my office:).


The Sweetbrier Cottage said...

Loved this post! I take it you got hubby to do some photography this morning. The one picture of you and Lizzie squinting is adorable. If you put some glasses on her... well, you know how they say that pets sometimes look like their owners:) Have a wonderful day at work!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What a fabulous post! I loved every second of your day (so far)! Your little dog surely is a character, too! Thanks so much for sharing these awesome photos and words!

TattingChic said...

What a cute post! It looks like you have a lovely drive to work! :)

Michael823 said...

Looks like Lizzie got my nose as well!!! Have a great day.



Miss Sandra said...

Lovely post! Thank you for bringing us along! I must add...Lizzie is so cute!! Have a beautiful day!

Paula said...

Dear Kim,

Your posts are always so delightful! You always make me laugh and brighten my day! Thank you so much, dear friend! Oh, that Lizzie is such a doll baby! I loved the photos and the captions you wrote!!! So funny and sweet!!! You have a beautiful drive to work. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing your office tomorrow!

Sending you lots of love!

Anonymous said...

Makes me almost want to go back to work. I said almost. I couldn't if I wanted to. Too old. I worked til I was 70 and would still be working is my job had not been moved 60 miles away. Oh well got to get rid of the tough nuts some way. Enjoyed your post today.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Kim, what a delightful post. It made me feel as if I had been to your house for an over night visit and then spent the morning with you before you left for work, then on your way to work you took me along with you in the car to drop me off at home once again! Loved the pictures taken while sitting in a moving car. Many of mine are made that way. Are we perhaps co-conspirators in a crime of sorts!! :-) Best of all, I finally got to see a picture of you. LOVED being able to put a face to the person behind the blog. It has been a really long time since I have been around to visit. I do apologize for the long absense. Too many busy summer days. Trying to catch up to everyone, yours was one of my first stops!! :-) So glad that I came by, it is always a sure way to put a smile on my face. hugs from afar, debby

crochet lady said...

Awww, you and Lizzy look so cozy at the computer. What a good doggy.

Thanks for sharing the lovely view on your way to work!

June said...

Hi Kim,
Shooting while you drive! I do that too, but please don't tell my hubs. I think he would definitely arrest me for DWP. (only for the chance to frisk me though)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Kim,

What a fun post today.
Loved seeing you and Lizzie blogging away to us all.
Also the lovely drive into work.
The sun on the water is just beautiful.


Rosalind Nzinga Nichol (PAPER GIRL) said...

Loved it! Doesn't everyone take photos as they drive???

Love the morning tea routine, very familiar... Also going to have to try the Paris blend. I have been stucked on Harney & Son's Hot Cinn Spice since last fall, and can't seem to move -- it seems to fit every opportuntiy... But really going to try to move on, my tea cupboard is blugging :-)

Just added myself as a follower, thought I'd already did that, but guess not.

...thanks for popping by

Jodie LeJeune said...

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...what drugs are you taking girlfriend??? tee hee! Or I should say rather, what TEA are you drinking???? After reading your post about your office, I now see why you are so "happy" to go to work! Awesome photos!
Did you escape a DWP? It doesn't count until you get caught so my advice to you is to keep snapping and keep sharing with us!!!!!
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