Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Late Summer Flowers...

Follow me outside to see the late summer bloomers in the gardens.
Crepe Myrtle blooms are finishing for the summer...
while brown-eyed Susan's are still going strong.

Knock-out roses add bold color.
A banana tree reaches for the sun.
The Lilies have just finished strutting their stuff.

A bee visits this trio of climbing roses.
Around the fountain soft peach colored roses bloom forth.

More knock-out roses punch-up color around the garden.
Climbers reach up an iron trellis...
as droopers cascade down an iron window basket.
A few Rose of Sharon blooms continue to grace its branches.

Classic pink roses add fragrance to the lilting summer breeze.
I've had a ball sharing the flowers with you...
but this little birdie says...
it's time for tea.
Have a seat on the settee I'll get the tea tray.
How many lumps of sugar would you like?
I brought some yogurt and strawberries for a snack. Grape nuts add a little crunch to the yogurt:).
So tell me about your summer day...


Sandi said...

Beautiful flowers and the snack sounds yummy too!! Can you believe that summer is almost over. It seems impossible! It just started.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

A home is not complete without a garden and I see that yours is lovely.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Flowers in our area are showing stress. We are in need of rain here.. It keeps missing our area...

Callie Magee Antiques said...

Love the flowers. Especially since this hot weather has killed off ours.

Draffin Bears said...

Oh Kim, that was such a lovely walk around your garden seeing all your beautiful flowers.
then to sit down and have a cup of tea on the porch was wonderful.
I do not have sugar in my tea, thank you.

Enjoy your week

lady m said...

Mine was spent working on bills ;(

Not as lovely as yours, but very necessary ;)

Thank you for inviting us for tea...I also have my yogurt with grape nuts...yumm!


lady m

Paula said...

Dear Kim,

I love every single flower in your garden and the birdie was so sweet. I am so thankful to have so many birds visit my garden daily. Your fountain is beautiful! Not only is your home very Victorian, but so is your garden.

I love the wicker couch and all the lovely pillows... a perfect place to enjoy tea. Your dishes are lovely.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Love, Paula

June said...

You know just what makes me happy. Beautiful blooms and tea with you. The yogurt is just like I like it. Now, about my day...
Thank you for the sweet comment on the post about my daughter and our getaway. I loved it.

Teacup Mosaics said...

I love the tour, your flowers are amazing. The snack oh so yummy, I too put grapenuts in my yogurt. Thank you for visiting the Kellio, you are invited to tea at my house anytime.

crochet lady said...

Those roses are so pretty. My one yellow rose has a few blooms again, but I'm afraid it's poor leaves are looking a bit lacy from all the bug chomps.

You have a wonderful spot for tea, looks so relaxing.

I spent a hot summer afternoon yesterday hoeing the edge of my flower bed, and picking garden produce, whew, I was the ready for the shower when I was done.

Andrea said...

Everything is so, so pretty! I agree with Elizabeth! And I need a garden! (Praying about that one.)

Truly, your garden is very beautiful! Inspiring!

Have a wonderful Thursday evening, dear friend.


Stephenie said...

What a darling post!!!! Love all the pretty flowers..What a yummy snack to..This is one of my favorite snacks..Oh, I love the pretty teacup to. Hope all is well..

Anonymous said...

Spent the day worrying about my daughter. Her husband had to take her back to the hospital. I haven't heard from her yet. Please pray for her. Thank you so much.

Deanna said...

Absolutely beautiful flowers!
They are so lovely to see.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Oh my gosh! How could I have missed this post? Am I too late to enjoy the goodies and relax on the front porch??? Your photos are beautiful girl...oh how I wish I were there!!!!
everything vintage

TattingChic said...

First of all, that door handle is gorgeous! I love it!
Secondly, those flowers are beautiful!
Lastly, it's always a pleasure to visit your lovely blog! :)

Eastlake Victorian said...

Your settee is gorgeous! The pillows, colors, everything is SO inviting! Your flowers are delightful. I would love to have tea and yogurt on your porch :D

robert said...

Just beautiful picture of all flowers!! Those are so beautiful!!