Monday, January 5, 2009

Antique Mantel

I found this antique mantel at a local thrift store for a mere $35! Our Victorian cottage lacks a fireplace so I decided to add a faux one! We painted and installed the mantel in our library (yes our small 1200 square foot cottage has a library-it used to be the third bedroom:). We hung an old antique mirror above (another Antiques in Old Town find) and arranged old family pictures and cherubs upon the mantel shelf.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely addition to your home, don't you just love bargains like that. You have a lovely Victorian home, thanks so much for sharing and for the inspiration. I hope to find many bargains as we re-do our own home in the fabulous Victorian style, which I love so much.

lorhen82 said...

How do some people get so lucky? I never find awesome things like your mantel for such a low price. Throw some of your luck my way! LOL

time-worn interiors said...

I love the mantel in your library it looks so Victorian, good job! I wanna see more pics of your house! Do you live in Atlanta? Seen where you bought something from Antiques in Old Town?