Thursday, January 29, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

Much to my disappoinment one of my favorite local shops has closed. Being in a very small town I was elated when it opened here just over a year ago. I loved going in the softly lit store brimming with shelves of floral bedecked boxes of lotions and fragrances. One gets a special feeling when chatting with the sales person (in a small town like this you knew them already:) while purusing the shelves and selecting your favorite scents. Online shopping may be more convenient but it is surely not as much fun.

This got me thinking about sharing some of my favorite things.

'Fresh Cut Rose' scented candles from Yankee Candles

Rosewater and Summer Hill scents (home fragrance, lotions, drawer liners, soaps) from Crabtree & Evelyn

Handpainted porcelains

TEA! My favorites are the loose leaf teas such as Earl Grey Supreme, Paris, and Apricot from Harney & Sons.

Wine (white or red) from Chile, Argentina, Italy, and Spain. I also like Savignon Blancs from New Zealand and Chardonneys from Sonoma County.

What are some of your favorite things?


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love lace of any kind, tatting shuttles, Crabtree & Evelyn hand lotion (Nantucket and Gardener's Therapy), the smell (and taste) of freshly brewed coffee, and books!

lorhen82 said...

Where could I even begin? There are so many things to love! Candles are great! I love the Mulled Cider candle by Gold Canyon. I also love Autumn - everything about it!

It's sad when one of your favorite stores closes. This has happened to me many times. Fortunately, I have found others to fill the void, but the ones I loved are unforgettable.

TattingChic said...

Your vignettes are lovely! I love lace and tatting shuttles, too (Diane). I also love Bath and Body works lotion because it doesn't break me out in a rash! Yankee candles are the BEST aren't they? I love their "Home Sweet Home" scent.

Barb said...

Thanks for coming by.
I've entered you in my nest giveaway!!

Barbara Jean

Draffin Bears said...

I love Crabtree and Evelyn goodies ~
just walking past the shop the beautiful fragrance makes you want to just go on in.
My favourite is the Rose hand loition and soaps ~ lovely.


Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Precious things you have...I too enjoy the same things. Apricot tea! my favorite tea is Harney & Sons!