Saturday, January 10, 2009

Living in the Victorian style

Well I covered the kitchen yesterday-today we move to the living room:)
We had to decorate to accomodate our dogs and cat (white is lovely but would not last 5 minutes in our house) so deep rich Victorian colors were our choice (boy do these colors hide the dirt well:)

I have always believed in decorating with family photos. It tells your story while adding warmth and tradition to your home. The antique Eastlake mirror in this picture was $10 at a yard sale. The finish was ruined so I painted it gold and leaned it on top of the cabinet. The mirror makes the small room feel larger.
A little gingerbread to frame the entrance to the hallway adds a Victorian touch.

What Victorian house is complete without cherubs? These lovely little guys were a mere 50cents each at a local thrift shop.

An old cherub lamp and vase from my grandmother grace the top of a desk.

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lorhen82 said...

Your dog is so precious! Love the mirror - I can't believe you got it for $10! I also love the dresser and the gingerbread