Saturday, January 17, 2009

Books! Books! and more Books!

I love old books! I have enjoyed the many 'book' posts by some of my favorite bloggers (Lori at Before the Stroke of Midnight, Miss Maddies, and Catherine at Bumpkin Bears who did an adorable drawing of her bears carrying stacks of books) so I decided to do one too:) Our library is a place of relaxation, contemplatation and Bible study for me. My favorite old books are those by Charles Dickens as he has been my favorite author since childhood.Several of my Dickens books guarded by glass horses-a gift from my mother.
Two of my favorites...Great Expectations which I have read to students of all ages and a cherished copy of Dickens Christmas stories given to my by a dear friend Judy some years ago. A Christmas Carol has been my favorite story since childhood.

A very precious gift from my husband last favorite of Jane Austen's writings, 'Lady Susan'.

An old Bible given to me by a dear friend, Sam, years ago.

My respite..the library surrounded by old books, artwork, and family photos.

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lorhen82 said...

I love Dickens too. I haven't read Lady Susan yet, but I definitely have it on my list. And that bible is so cool with the latch on it. What a great library you have! The portraits you have hanging are fantastic! Can I come read with you sometime? We'll have tea and revel in all the wonderful old books!