Friday, January 9, 2009

Be Happy

It seems in today's world that everyone wants bigger, better, and more. At times I am guilty of this same mentality as we would love to live in one of those magnificient historic Victorian homes downtown. Unfortunately these homes have price tags in the million dollar range-far beyond our reach. That's when it occurred to us. What are we waiting for? We have been blessed with a lovely little home (many would say a plastic cookie-cutter house-vinyl siding, 1200 square feet). Where others may see a tiny insignificant house we saw her true beauty. Terra Cottage (yes we named our house as all good houses have names) is a turn-of-the-century, neo Victorian revival. She was built in 1999 (that's turn of the century:), a new home that has been remodelled inside and out to look like a 19th century Victorian cottage (thus the revival part). Sometimes we have to live vicariously through ourselves. We have done all of the work ourselves and bargain hunted for most everything in order to make the transformation affordable. So begins the story of Terra Cottage. Each day I will share a different room and how we transformed the look. To quote from one of my favorite songs by Point of Grace, 'have what you want but want what you have.' It's not where you live but how you live. Appreciate God's blessings, no matter how small.

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