Friday, January 9, 2009

Let's get cookin'

When you live in a mere 1200 square feet you have to be creative with storage. Old porcelain boxes and enamel coffee pots make dog treats easily accessible while looking pretty on the counter. We have accumulated old silver flatware in various patterns which are displayed in various glass jars adding sparkle to the kitchen while freeing up much needed drawer space (it's eco friendly too as we are making use of old silverware instead of buying new:). Stained glass panels hang in doorways and windows to give that Victorian feel and filter a rainbow of colors across the room as the sun peeks through. The stock oak cabinets are bedecked with gingerbread railing, wood appliques, and custom nobs and drawer pulls giving them a custom look. We installed an antique style light fixture and medallion. Finally, we scraped the popcorn ceiling and covered it in a textured wallpaper with a tin ceiling style pattern (this was a huge money saver-$60 for the wallpaper supplies opposed to the $600 estimate for the tin ceiling supplies). Wide crown moldings and porcelain floor tiles complete the look. With a little elbow grease and a lot of determination the kitchen has a welcoming Victorian feel without breaking the budget.

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